Horns are weird

Oh, so that's how they're supposed to grow out of the skull...

Our intent is to have fully fleshed out, fanmade transcripts of all fourteen (as of 2015) episodes of the Elfen Lied anime, its English-language dub in specific. This means that in addition to the dialogue, there will be "stage directions" to describe the scenes.

This transcript will be of the English language dub for the anime, with the subtitles in English as well. "Stage directions" will be noted in brackets. Subtitle dialogue, where it differs from the English dub text, will be marked off by parentheses next to the English version. The absence of a subbed dialogue marker simply means that the dialogue is the same in both versions.

Translation and transliteration issues will be discussed in the section after the transcript is done. To clear up confusion, the DVD edition of Elfen Lied recently released by ADV's subsidiaries will be used, so the subtitles listed are the official ADV translation. Please keep this in mind regarding any translations, as both the dub dialogue and English subtitles will be written as they are spoken/written on screen. In ADV's translations, some characters names are romanized as Nyu, Kohta, Bandoh, etc.

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Elfen Lied Episode 6: Innermost Feelings ~ Herzenswärme


[ In a hospital room, Bando sits with his eyes closed. At a doctor's prompting, Bando hesitantly opens his eyes. ]

Doctor: Slowly, open your eyes. How is it? ( SUB: Please open your eyes slowly. How is it? )


The doctor is perfectly visible from Bando's point of view, but his vision is somewhat blurred and yellow tinted. Behind him, a female nurse wraps up the bandages that were covering his eyes before. ]

Bando: I can see you, but everything is blurred. ( SUB: It's fuzzy, but it's not like I can't see. )

Doctor: As you grow accustomed to it, it should get a little better. ( SUB: When you get used to it, it should get a little better. )

Bando: A little better? Great. ( SUB: A little better, huh? )

[ Bando looks down at his right arm, which is now a mechanical prosthetic covered by synthetic skin. The gears in it whir as he tests out the movement of its fingers. ]

Doctor: It's the most advanced artificial hand on the market. ( SUB: It's the latest model myoelectric artificial hand. )

Bando: I'm impressed. ( SUB: Impressive. )

Doctor: We did all we possibly could for you. ( SUB: We did all we could do for you. )

Bando: Yeah, and all you ask for in return balls. ( SUB: In exchange for my balls, right? )

[ The doctor turns to retrieve something off his desk, then hands it out to Bando. It's a small packet of two pills. ]

Doctor: Take these. ( SUB: Well, then, please take these. )

Bando: What are they? ( SUB: What are those? )

Doctor: They're sedatives, since we are about to begin the operation to amputate. ( SUB: They're sedatives. Since we're about to start the removal surgery. )

[ Bando chuckles and reaches for the packet, his arm gears whirring louder. ]

Bando: You don't waste any time. ( SUB: Already, huh? )

[ He stands up and looks over the packet of pills, but really, he's intently studying his new hand. ]

Bando: Hey.

Doctor: Yes?

Bando: My new toy. How much do you think this thing can handle? ( SUB: How much can this toy handle? )

Doctor: If you're talking about weight, it can lift up to 50 kilograms. And as for pressure and sudden impact it, can withstand... ( SUB: If you're talking about weight, it can handle 50kg, and as for shocks such as external pressure, it also handles quite... )

[ Bando drops the pill packet, drawing the curiosity of the nurse and the doctor, and he punches the doctor hard enough to break his glasses and knock him out of his chair. Startled, the nurse sinks down to the floor, and Bando rubs his left hand over the new prosthetic one. ]

Bando: Oops, gotta be more careful. ( SUB: Whoops. I gotta be more careful. )

[ The doctor's twitching on the ground, further upsetting the terrified nurse, and she timidly looks up at Bando as he chuckles and lightly taps his robotic fist against his left palm. ]

Bando: This new toy. Thank it's gonna come in handy. ( SUB: This really is a useful toy. )

[ The nurse cringes as he jumps out a nearby window, and he lands in the bushes below. He shakily gets up, grumbling to himself. ]

Bando: Shit! I need to get some weapons while my SAT clearance is still valid. ( SUB: Shit! I need to get some weapons while my SAT ID is valid. )


Act One

[ Yuka, clad in a towel, is drying off her hair with another towel after getting out of the bath. She looks over her shoulder, and out in the foyer of the house, Kouta steps down by the door to put his shoes on. Yuka comes out in her pajamas and peers into the foyer after him. Kouta is facing the door, but doesn't look back at her. His voice is subdued, almost monotone. ]

Yuka: Hey, Kouta. Where are you going? ( SUB: Kohta, where're you going? )

Kouta: I don't know. I'm still really worried about Nyu. ( SUB: I'm still worried about Nyu, so... )

Yuka: Are you thinking about going back to the school? ( SUB: Are you going to the school by any chance? )

Kouta: It's not too late. I'm hoping Professor Kakuzawa will still be around. ( SUB: The professor may still be around since it's not too late. )

Yuka: Then, I'm coming with you. ( SUB: Then, I'm going too. )

[ She starts to go back into the hallway so she can go to her room to change, but Kouta stops her. ]

Kouta: Don't. I'll go alone. I think it's safe that way. ( SUB: That's okay. I'll go alone, so... )

Yuka: But...

Kouta: It's cold out there, and your hair's wet. I don't want you getting sick. ( SUB: It's pretty cold outside and you'll catch cold since you just got out of the bath. )

Yuka: Okay... ( SUB: But...)

[ She looks down, but snaps her head back up as he opens the door to leave. ]

Kouta: I'll be fine. Just wait here, I'll be back. ( SUB: I'll be fine, so you wait here. )

Yuka: Yeah, sure. ( SUB: Okay... )

[ As he leaves, she again lowers her head and closes her eyes. ]

Yuka: You jerk. ( SUB: Dummy... )


[ Arakawa returns to the professor's office and sets a bag filled with instant ramen on the desk. ]

Arakawa: Good evening. ( SUB: Good morning. )

[ She looks for the professor, but he's nowhere to be seen. ]

Arakawa: Professor? Oh, great! He asked me to come in, and he's not even here. I didn't have time to take a shower. ( SUB: Professor? Geez, he asks me to come in and he isn't even around. I didn't even have time to take bath. )

[ She looks down to see one of Nyu's hair ribbons on the floor by her feet. ]

Arakawa: What's this? ( SUB: What's this? )

[ She crouches down to pick up the ribbon. ]

Arakawa: A ribbon? That's strange. ( SUB: A ribbon, isn't it? )

[ She eyes the ribbon curiously, and the door opens behind her. When she looks back, she's startled by Kouta's sudden appearance and yelps as she jumps up to her feet. Kouta sheepishly rubs a hand on his head as she leans against a desk to catch her breath. ]

Kouta: I'm sorry.

Arakawa: Oh my god! You scared me half to death! What're you doing here? ( SUB: What the... Boy, that scared me. What're you doing here? )

Kouta: Is Professor Kakuzawa here? ( SUB: Where's Professor Kakuzawa? )

Arakawa: He's scheduled a meeting with you? This late at night? ( SUB: You need to see the professor? This late at night? )

Kouta: Sort of, yeah. ( SUB: Yes, sort of. )

Arakawa: Okay... ( SUB: I see. )

[ She begins to walk past him to the door, and Kouta looks after her, puzzled. ]

Kouta: Hold on! ( SUB: Um... )

[ Arakawa pauses at the door, hand in her pocket, and tilts her head toward him. ]

Arakawa: He's probably working down in the basement. ( SUB: I think he's probably in the basement. )

Kouta: Basement?

Arakawa: There's a laboratory there. When he wants to be alone? That's where he goes. ( SUB: There's a laboratory down there. The professor often shuts himself in there. )

[ She leads him down the steps to the basement, and the lighting in the hall is very low. ]

Arakawa: So, what did you need to see him about? ( SUB: So, what do you need to see him about? )

Kouta: Uh, well...I found this missing girl and left her with him to look after her...but I started to worry. ( SUB: Well...I left a girl whose identity is unknown with him, but I got worried, so... )

[ Arakawa chuckles. ]

Arakawa: Well, I can see why that will make you worry. ( SUB: That would cause one to worry, wouldn't it? )

Kouta: He told me that the girl was his niece, his younger brother's daughter. And so, I thought that... ( SUB: He said she was his younger brother's daughter, so... )

Arakawa: Well, then. Sounds like you were fooled. ( SUB: You were fooled. )

[ He stops, muttering a "wha?" ]

Arakawa: The professor doesn't have a younger brother. ( SUB: He doesn't have a younger brother. )

[ Wide-eyed, Kouta glares down at the floor. ]

Kouta: Damn!


[ Elsewhere in Kamakura, a young lady walks down the street in the night, and comes out from under an overpass into the lamplight. She's talking to herself as she walks. ]

Girl: Man, I'm exhausted! I'm not cut out for this. Stupid part-time job. The manager'll never notice my work. That pervert's too busy staring at my butt. It's sexual harassment! ( SUB: I'm exhausted. I wonder if I'm not suited for that part-time job after all. I'm working hard, but the store manager keeps staring at my butt. That's sexual harassment! )

[ On the other side of the sidewalk, Lucy comes walking in the girl's direction. She's not looking at her, but the girl gasps anyway, blushing hard, at how loudly she must've been talking and wondering if she was overheard. ]

Girl: Was I talking too loud? I hope not. ( SUB: She heard me? Oh no... )

[ Lucy and the girl pass each other up, with the girl being silent so as to not bother her anymore than she might have already. As they fall out of each other's line of sight, one of Lucy's vectors flies out toward the girl. ]


[ In the school, Arakawa continues down the steps from the middle landing where Kouta's still standing. ]

Kouta: All these laboratories...what's the professor researching? ( SUB: What's the professor researching about in here? )

Arakawa: A rare disease that causes humans to grow horns. ( SUB: There's a rare disease that causes horns to stick out from the head. )

[ Kouta makes a startled noise, scaring Arakawa, and she physically jumps. ]

Arakawa: Stop scaring me! ( SUB: What was that for? )

Kouta: Oh, yeah. Sorry. ( SUB: No, nothing. )

[ He looks away, and Arakawa breathes in a steadying breath. ]

Arakawa: Professor Kakuzawa's working to develop a vaccine intended to curb the spread of the disease. ( SUB: Professor Kakuzawa's developing a vaccine that counteracts the disease. )

[ At the bottom of the stairs, Arakawa leans against some boxes that've been piled up against the wall, and Kouta faces her again. ]

Kouta: A disease like that...I've never heard of it. ( SUB: I've never heard of such a disease. )

Arakawa: Of course not, it's highly contagious. Patients who display the horn symptoms are immediately quarantined. If it would spread... ( SUB: It's highly contagious and humans with horns are immediately isolated. If that happens... )

Kouta: What would happen? ( SUB: What will happen? )

[ Kouta is visibly nervous, but Arakawa otherwise appears unconcerned. ]

Arakawa: Here's the lab.

[ She moves away from the boxes and goes to the door nearby that leads to the laboratory. ]


[ On the street, the girl from before is staring wide-eyed as a vector is shown going through her head. It isn't clear what damage it's done to her, though, as it pulls away without any visible blood. The girl's eyes blank, and she falls first to her knees, then to the ground in a faint. Not far away, Lucy holds a hand to her forehead. ]

Lucy: I can't...control them. ( SUB: They're still not back to normal. )


[ Arakawa and Kouta have gone into the laboratory, leaving the door open, and turned the lights on in their search for the professor. ]

Arakawa: Guess the professor is not around. But why did he leave all the lights on? ( SUB: Guess the professor's not around. But the lights are on. )

[ Kouta walks on and holds his hands near his mouth as he calls for Nyu. ]

Kouta: Nyu?! ( SUB: Nyu! )

Arakawa: Who's Nyu? ( SUB: Nyu? )

Kouta: Are you in here?! ( SUB: Are you here?! )

[ They walk further into the lab, and Arakawa goes to another door close by. The room beyond is dark. ]

Arakawa: Professor? ( SUB: Professor? )

[ She hums inquisitively and pushes the door open to go inside. Kouta is right behind her as she stops just inside the door. ]

Arakawa: I wonder where he could've gone to? ( SUB: I wonder where he went? )

[ She walks further into the lab, but stops as her foot hits something on the floor. ]

Arakawa: Looks like he dropped a specimen. ( SUB: What's this octopus head? )

[ Kouta makes another startled noise behind her, and she turns halfway around, hands balled into fists. ]

Arakawa: [ exasperated ] What is it?! You really have to stop scaring me like that! ( SUB: What is it this time? You scared me! Don't make weird noises! )

[ Whimpering, Kouta points in front of them, and Arakawa follows his pointing to see the bloodied, decapitated corpse of the professor against the specimen case. She blanches in terror, then looks down to Kakuzawa's head by her feet. Both she and Kouta scream, and the sounds echo out into the hallway. Arakawa doubles over and tries to keep from vomiting and covers her hand with her mouth as she mutters to herself. ]

Arakawa: That's right, this is how they kill! They may still be around here? ( SUB: That's right! This way of killing! They may still be around here. )

[ She looks around frantically, and behind her, Kouta continues to stare forward in shock. ]

Arakawa: Or worse, they've gotten away? ( SUB: They seem to have gotten away. )

Kouta: [ nervously ] Why does the professor have horns?

Arakawa: How should I know?!

[ She looks back the the professor's head. ]

Arakawa: You were wondering, what would they do with the patients after they're quarantined? Why haven't you heard of survivors before? ( SUB: You asked me earlier what they do after they isolate humans with horns, right? )

Kouta: What? Yes.

Arakawa: We isolate them and kill them. ( SUB: They isolate them and kill them. )

[ Kouta gasps, taken aback. ]

Arakawa: Because if we don't kill them, they'll kill us like this. But why does the professor have horns?! It doesn't make any sense! ( SUB: Because otherwise, they'll kill us like this. But why does even the professor have horns?! I don't know what this means! )

Kouta: It can't be. Nyu... ( SUB: Can't be... Nyu... )

[ Kouta flashes back to a young child, visible only from the ankles down, whose shoes are coated in blood from the massive pool of it lying in front of them. He holds his hands to his head and groans in pain and leans against the door to stay upright. Arakawa rises to her feet nearby. ]

Arakawa: You go home. I'll take care of this mess somehow. Things will get complicated if there is a student involved. Get out of here, okay? ( SUB: You go home. I'll take care of things from here. It'll get complicated when a student is involved. Go home. )

[ Kouta, face still stricken with confusion and pain, numbly agrees. ]

Kouta: Alright. ( SUB: Yes. )

Arakawa: Hey, listen. Don't tell anyone what you saw tonight. You understand? ( SUB: Hey, you. Don't tell anyone about this, okay? )

[ Kouta walks away without so much as a confirmation, and Arakawa looks over her shoulder at him briefly. ]

Arakawa: I sure hope he listened. Well, I can't blame him for being shocked. No one should have to see this. ( SUB: I wonder if he understands? Well, I understand how shocking it was for him to see something like this. )

[ She turns back to again look at the head on the floor. ]

Arakawa: But what am I supposed to do now? Guess I better check with our sponsor before I call the police. ( SUB: But what am I gonna do with this?! First I should contact that place before the police, I guess. )

[ Arakawa reaches into her lab coat pocket to pull out a cell phone, and dials the number before holding the phone to her ear. ]


Act Two

[ Kouta returns home to the Maple House to discover Yuka's been waiting for him the entire time. She's sitting in the hallway in front of the foyer with her knees held up to her chest. She's still in her pajamas. ]

Yuka: So, how did it go? ( SUB: You're back. )

[ The scene cuts to the two of them sitting in the dining room. Kouta's head is tilted downward as he's still in shock from earlier. ]

Yuka: Just as I thought. The professor and Nyu weren't there, were they? ( SUB: Just as expected, the professor and Nyu weren't there, huh? )

Kouta: The professor's assistance was there, but... ( SUB: His assistant was there, but... )

Yuka: I know! We can talk to the professor tomorrow. ( SUB: Let's ask Professor Kakuzawa tomorrow at school. )

Kouta: We can't. ( SUB: We can't! )

Yuka: Why can't we? ( SUB: Why? )

[ Kouta whirls around to face her and looks a little angry. ]

Kouta: Because Professor Kakuzawa was... ( SUB: Because Professor Kakuzawa was... )

[ He flashes back to the professor's decapitated head, then to the image of the child's blood-spattered shoes. He holds a hand to his face and his chest heaves for air as he whimpers. ]

Kouta: Professor Kakuzawa was...

Yuka: What's wrong? ( SUB: What is it? )

[ In the middle of sobbing, Kouta suddenly goes oddly calm and stares blankly ahead. He puts his hand down and turns toward Yuka again, his eyes looking remarkably calmer and duller than before. ]

Kouta: I'm sorry. What was I saying? Just now? ( SUB: What was I going to say? )

Yuka: How am I supposed to know? ( SUB: How should I know?! )

[ She's puzzled and frustrated by his reply, but Kouta merely stands up with the look still on his face. ]

Kouta: Sorry. I'm going to bed now. Somehow I don't feel like myself. ( SUB: Sorry. I'm going to bed now. Somehow I feel sick. )

[ He goes to the door and shambles out into the hallway, closing the door behind him. Yuka looks on after him with concern etched onto her face. ]


[ At the Diclonius Research Institute, Kurama stands before Chief Kakuzawa in his office. The chief's voice echoes off the walls of the massive room, and light from outside filters in through the window. ]

Chief Kakuzawa: My son has been killed. ( SUB: My son died. )

Kurama: I've received the report.

Kakuzawa: Only Lucy could be behind that kind of carnage. ( SUB: Considering how he was killed, it must've been Lucy's work. )

[ He turns to face Kurama and his eyebrows are furrowed in anger. ]

Kakuzawa: What have you been doing all this time?

Kurama: Since #7's battle, there have been no mysterious deaths in the area where Lucy disappeared. There's no way to track her. ( SUB: Since #7's battle, no one died in the surrounding area in a questionable manner, so we couldn't pick up the trail. )

Kakuzawa: I've heard that Silpelit #7 grew very attached to you. ( SUB: I heard that that Silpelit was very attached to you. )

Kurama: #7 has been decommissioned, sir. ( SUB: Its disposition has been completed. )

[ The screen cuts away to a flashback of Kurama holding his purple tie, which has been stained red with Nana's blood. ]

Kakuzawa: Even though she never used her vectors against humans, #7 was no exception to the pattern. Don't let yourself forget that. ( SUB: Even though she had never used her vectors against humans, #7 isn't an exception, either. )

[ Kurama grits his teeth. ]

Kakuzawa: Diclonius born from carriers are dangerous predators. Unable to reproduce. Capable only of killing. ( SUB: Diclonius born from carriers are only dangerous murderers who aren't able to reproduce and do nothing but kill people. )

[ Kurama is again shown at his desk holding the tie, and when the shot cuts back to the present, Kakuzawa has again turned his back to him. ]

Kakuzawa: They're laboratory specimens and nothing more. Don't get the wrong idea, Kurama. ( SUB: They're nothing but research materials. Don't get the wrong idea, Kurama. )

Kurama: Yes, sir. ( SUB: Please excuse me. )

[ Kurama bows and turns to walk away, earning a derisive snort from the director. ]

Kakuzawa: Such a fool. ( SUB: Such an idiot. )


[ As Kurama steps outside the director's office, Shirakawa comes up to greet him. ]

Shirakawa: I hope it went well.

[ Kurama doesn't say anything and begins walking, and Shirakawa does the same, walking beside him. ]

Kurama: Even thought his own son just died, he didn't let his emotion surface for an instant. ( SUB: Even though his own son died, his expression didn't change in the slightest. )

Shirakawa: Hey, Chief. I've been meaning to ask you something for a while. ( SUB: Chief, I've been meaning to ask you for a while. )

Kurama: What is it?

Shirakawa: You never talk about your family. ( SUB: What about your family? )

[ Kurama is silent, and he thinks back to a very visibly pregnant Hiromi, then to her lying in a hospital bed with a smile on her face. As he continues walking, he thinks back to a baby lying in a hospital bassinet and softly crying. ]

Kurama: My daughter is dead.

[ Shirakawa's eyes widen, and she softly gasps before looking away. ]

Shirakawa: I had no idea. ( SUB: Oh, I didn't know. )

Kurama: I killed her with my own hands. ( SUB: I killed her with my own hands. )

[ Shirakawa again gasps, eyes widening, and comes to a complete stop. Kurama likewise stops a step or two ahead of her. ]

Kurama: My wife, who saw the killing, committed suicide. Do you have any other questions? ( SUB: My wife, who saw it, committed suicide. Do you have any other questions? )

Shirakawa: No, I don't. ( SUB: No. )

[ With no more questions from her, Kurama starts walking again, leaving a pale Shirakawa staring after him. ]


Act Three

[ Early in the morning, Kouta washes his face at the sink near the back of the house, and Yuka, still clad in her pajamas, walks up on him from the hallway. ]

Yuka: Are you going to go look for Nyu? ( SUB: Are you going out to look for Nyu? )

Kouta: Yeah.

Yuka: But wait! Isn't she staying at the professor's? ( SUB: But she's at the professor's. )

[ Kouta finishes washing his face and turns to face her. ]

Kouta: No, Nyu's already run away from there. ( SUB: Nyu ran away from that place. )

Yuka: How do you know?

Kouta: I don't know. I just have a strong feeling about it. ( SUB: I don't know, but I have a feeling that's the case. )

Yuka: Listen, uh... ( SUB: Look... )

Kouta: What is it?

Yuka: Do you think it'd be okay if I came with you? To look for Nyu? ( SUB: Can't I come and look for Nyu with you? )

Kouta: Yeah. We can go together. ( SUB: Yeah, let's go together. )

[ Kouta's smile prompts a surprised smile from Yuka. ]

Yuka: Really? It's okay if I come along? ( SUB: Really? Is it okay to come along? )

Kouta: Yeah, of course it is. ( SUB: Of course. )

[ A short while later, Mayu stands at the front door, wearing her uniform. By this time, Yuka and Kouta have changed clothes as well. ]

Mayu: Excuse me. Did I hear you say that Nyu's missing? ( SUB: Um, you said Miss Nyu was missing. )

Kouta: Yeah. She'll be fine. She came back last time, remember? ( SUB: Yeah, but it'll be all right since she came back okay last time too. )

Yuka: Forget all about it and go to school. ( SUB: So don't worry about it and go to school. )

Mayu: Okay, then. See you later. ( SUB: Okay. Then, see you later. )

[ Mayu runs out of the house, and a barking Wanta runs after her to see her off. Yuka waves after her as she goes. ]


[ Further along in her walk to school, Mayu is walking on the sidewalk near the beach. Curiously, Wanta is walking alongside her. Though the sky isn't yet overcast, there are heavy gray clouds blocking out most of the blue sky. Mayu stops as something on the beach catches her eye. ]

Mayu: Oh, it's that guy. ( SUB: Oh, that person. )

[ The person in question is Bando, who's standing by the water's edge. The beach is littered with soda and juice cans, earning his disgust, and Bando takes out a cigarette from his pack. ]

Bando: This water's always dirty. It's disgusting. ( SUB: This ocean's always dirty, geez. )

[ Hearing footsteps, he turns to see Mayu coming closer. Given his previous state when they met, he doesn't recognize her. ]

Bando: What do you want? ( SUB: What do you want? )

Mayu: Glad to see that you're okay. ( SUB: You're okay. )

[ Mayu smiles, and Bando's cigarette drops from his mouth as his jaw goes slack in surprise. ]

Bando: It couldn't be. Are you the girl from that night in the rain? ( SUB: Could you be the woman from that time? )

[ Mayu continues to smile at him. Bando holds a hand to his forehead, then holds his hands out in dismay. ]

Bando: Oh, man. You gotta be kidding me. I was saved by someone like you? That's impossible. ( SUB: No way, you're kidding me. Was I saved by someone like this? )

[ He makes a disgusted noise as he rubs his head. ]

Mayu: It looks like you recovered from your injuries. I'm happy for you. ( SUB: You recovered from your injuries? I'm glad. )

Bando: Look, runt, that's none of your business. Butt out. ( SUB: That's none of your business, idiot! )

[ He takes a step closer to her. ]

Bando: Okay, what can I do for you? ( SUB: So, what do you want me to do? )

Mayu: What?

Bando: I do not like being in debt to anyone, especially to a little brat like yourself. ( SUB: It's my policy not to be in debt to others, especially not to a brat like you. )

Mayu: You don't have to worry about it. ( SUB: Don't worry about it. )

Bando: I'm not doing it for you, kid. This is for me. ( SUB: Shut up. I'm not doing it for you. This is about me. )

[ He turns to take out a small notepad and writes on one of its pages. He hands her the slip of paper with his cell phone number on it. ]

Bando: Take it. ( SUB: Here. )

[ Mayu takes the slip of paper and stares at it, puzzled. ]

Mayu: Is this...are you giving me your number? ( SUB: Is this a phone number? )

Bando: You can reach me anytime. ( SUB: You can contact me at that number. )

Mayu: But for what? ( SUB: Contact? )

Bando: If anybody gives you trouble, just call me. I'll fuckin' kill 'em for you. Okay? That should even the score. Got it? ( SUB: When you're in a pinch, call me. I'll fuckin' kill 'em all for you. Okay? That makes us even. )

[ She smiles again and nods. ]

Mayu: Sure. ( SUB: Okay. )

[ Bando grunts and turns to walk away. ]

Bando: Hm. See you later. ( SUB: Well, then. )

[ He stops suddenly a few steps away, remembering something. ]

Bando: By the way, you haven't seen a bitch with horns out on this beach, have you? ( SUB: Oh, yeah. Did you see a bitch with horns around here? )

Mayu: Are you talking about Nyu? ( SUB: Are you talking about Miss Nyu? )

[ Bando looks at her suddenly out of the corner of his eye, interest piqued, as the sky overhead begins to rumble as the clouds roll in. ]


[ It's heavily raining at the shrine where Kouta and Yuka's search has led them. Yuka shrieks all of a sudden, as she's fallen on the rain-slicked pathway. Kouta helps her up, and she's got mud on the back of her skirt. ]

Kouta: Are you all right?

Yuka: Oh, I got mud all over my skirt! ( SUB: I got mud all over my butt. )

Kouta: You know, the sprinkle came out of nowhere. ( SUB: It did start raining suddenly. )

[ Kouta looks over his shoulder. ]

Kouta: Hey, let's wait there until it lightens up. ( SUB: Let's take shelter from the rain over there. )

[ The two hurry through the rain to the shrine's main building, and they hold hands as they go to keep from slipping again. As they go, they pass by several inari statues, some with parts broken off. Kouta and Yuka sit at the shrine's raised side walkway, and Yuka's holding herself to stay warm. ]

Kouta: Doesn't look like it's gonna stop raining for a while. ( SUB: It doesn't look like it's going to stop raining for a while. )

[ Yuka doesn't respond, as she's still shuddering. ]

Kouta: Are you cold, Yuka? ( SUB: Are you cold? )

[ She looks away. ]

Yuka: No, I'm okay. ( SUB: I'm okay. )

Kouta: You're shivering.

Yuka: I told you I'm okay!

[ Though she's clearly getting annoying, Kouta takes her by the shoulders and pulls her into his lap. She rests with her head against his shoulder and his arms wrapped around her to keep her warm. ]

Kouta: At least this is a little warmer, right? ( SUB: It's at least a little warmer like this, isn't it? )

Yuka: But my skirt...I'm getting mud all over your pants. ( SUB: But you'll get mud from my butt on you. )

Kouta: So I'll get muddy. So what? ( SUB: I don't particularly care about something like that. )

[ The two go quiet, and both of them are blushing from the proximity. The rain continues to pour down hard outside the shrine's protection, and a squirrel runs along part of the shrine's boards, also hiding from the rain. Kouta sighs against Yuka's neck, making her gasp and shift her legs in his lap. ]

Kouta: Is something wrong?

Yuka: No. No, I'm fine. ( SUB: Nothing. )

[ Yuka goes quiet again, and she's still blushing when she speaks up again. ]

Yuka: Um, hey, Kouta? ( SUB: Hey, Kohta. )

[ He only gives a "hm?" in response. ]

Yuka: Do you think you, um, like me? ( SUB: Do you like me? )

[ As he utters another confused sound, she pulls away from him, gasping, and covers her mouth with one hand as she shakes her head. ]

Yuka: No, nothing. Forget I said anything. ( SUB: No, forget about what I just said. )

Kouta: Sorry.

[ She looks back at him, hand dropping from her mouth, and Kouta's gaze is downcast. ]

Kouta: I'm sorry. I know it hurts you, but I really don't remember the last time we were together as kids. It was such a long time ago. ( SUB: I'm sorry. I don't remember very well about the time that I played with you for the last time. )

Yuka: Oh, Kouta. ( SUB: Kohta. )

Kouta: But still, I haven't forgotten that I liked you back then. And I like you now. ( SUB: But I liked you. And even now I still... )

[ Yuka turns him to better face her as she leans in to kiss him. Kouta's surprised but doesn't stop her as she kisses him fully and wraps her arms around his shoulders. ]


[ Mayu's school bag lands on the sand next to Wanta as Bando grabs her by the collar. ]

Mayu: What are you doing to me?! ( SUB: What're you doing? )

Bando: Look, tell me where the hell she is! I came a long way to this shithole town for one reason! I'm gonna put a bullet in that fuckin' bitch! And if you aren't straight with me, I'll fuckin' kill you too! ( SUB: Tell me where she is! I cam all the way back to a place like this to fuckin' kill that bitch. I'll fuckin' kill you too, unless you're straight with me! )

Mayu: I don't know where she is! My big brother said he saw a girl like that the other day at school! ( SUB: I don't know! My big brother said he saw someone like that at school. )

[ She screams as he slaps her hard enough to draw blood from her lip. ]

Bando: Don't insult my intelligence! Five minutes ago you were calling her "Nyu." I've killed women and I've even killed children. Don't think for a minute that I'll have mercy on you. ( SUB: You think I'd fall for a dumbass answer like that? You said "Miss Nyu" or something like that earlier! I'm merciless even to women and children. )

[ Mayu holds up the slip of paper he gave her before. ]

Bando: What the hell is this? ( SUB: What're you doing? )

Mayu: Somebody's picking on me. Somebody really big. I need your help. ( SUB: I'm in a big pinch right now. Please help me. )

[ Bando's mouth falls slack, and Wanta tugs on his pant leg. ]

Mayu: You promised to help me when I'm in trouble. Isn't that what you said? I guess you were lying. Not much of a man, huh? ( SUB: You said earlier that you'd help me for sure! Did you lie about that, even though you're a man? )

[ Bando grunts in discomfort and looks away, and throws her to the ground. ]

Bando: Alright! Shit!

[ He kicks the back of her head, then starts to walk past her. ]

Bando: You better hope I never see your face again! ( SUB: Don't show you face to me again! )

[ Mayu stays down and silent until he's a good ways away, then slowly gets up to her knees. Wanta whines as he comes up beside her. ]

Mayu: He's gonna kill Nyu. But why? ( SUB: Why was Miss Nyu... )


[ At the Sasuke Inari Shrine, Yuka pulls away from kissing Kouta. ]

Yuka: I don't want you to forget, not again. ( SUB: I don't want you to forget. )

[ She leans her head down against his chest. ]

Yuka: And I never want us to be apart. I want you to know...wherever you go, I will always be with you. I don't to feel alone again. ( SUB: More than that, I don't wanna be separated from you. I don't mind being your property, so let me stay with you always. )

[ Kouta holds his hands on her face to lift it up again, then slowly wipes her tears from her eyes with his thumb. The two share a smile before Kouta's the one to kiss her this time. The rain around the shrine begins to clear up, letting the sun shine down into the woods. The two break their kiss to take note of the change of weather. ]

Kouta: Hey, look. The rain stopped. ( SUB: Looks like the rain stopped. )

Yuka: Yeah, it did. ( SUB: Oh yeah it did. )

[ Yuka leans close to Kouta, but upon realizing what she's doing, she backs up. However, she does so too quickly and slides out of his lap. ]

Kouta: Yuka!

[ Kouta holds a hand out to stop her, but she hits the ground with a thud before he can do anything. He opens his eyes, having winced from her fall, to see her skirt's gone up to show her panties, which are white with pink stripes. He stares in awe as Yuka quickly realizes what happened and sits up. ]

Kouta: They're...striped! ( SUB: Stripes. )

[ Embarrassed, Yuka stands up and glares at him. ]

Kouta: ( SUB: )

[ She pulls back and punches him, drawing the concerned look of a squirrel up in a nearby tree. ]

Kouta: [ groaning ] But, why? ( SUB: Why? )

[ The next shot is of the stairs in the front of the shrine, then of the many flags posted alongside the stairs leading up to the shrine itself. Yuka and Kouta are heading down the stairs. ]

Yuka: You know that happened because I slipped. ( SUB: It got like that because I slipped in a puddle. )

Kouta: What're you talking about?

Yuka: [ exasperated ] Nothing!

[ Yuka nearly slips in a puddle along the landing in the middle of the stairs, but Kouta catches her before she can fall. ]

Kouta: Careful! All that rain made these steps slippery. ( SUB: Hey, it's slippery because it's wet from the rain. )

Yuka: Thanks for pointing that out. ( SUB: I know! )

Kouta: Where should we go to look for her next? ( SUB: Where shall we go to look for her next? )

[ Kouta folds his arms, and Yuka leans her head against her hand. ]

Yuka: Let me think. Should we check the station? ( SUB: Let me see, how about we head towards the station? )

Kouta: Where could she have gone? Doesn't she know that we're worried? ( SUB: Where is she and what's she doing when we're this worried? )

[ There's a closeup of Lucy's face, her eye in particular, and as her eye narrows a bit, water falls down the face of a nearby inari statue to give it the appearance of crying. At the same time, Lucy has a flashback of a much younger Kouta who's spattered with blood and crying profusely. ]

Child Kouta: No More! Stop it! ( SUB: Please stop it now! )

[ At the top of the stairs, Lucy looks down at the two, then slowly turns and begins to walk away. Her footsteps draw Kouta's attention. ]

Kouta: Nyu!

[ He runs up the stairs after her, and she stops as he comes close. ]

Kouta: Nyu! Where have you been all this time, huh? ( SUB: Nyu! Where have you been all this time? )

[ He puts a hand on her shoulder and turns her a bit to face him. Lucy doesn't stop him, but just stares dully at him. Kouta smiles anyway, not sensing the change in personality. ]

Kouta: That's right. You can't answer even if I ask. ( SUB: Oh, yeah, you can't talk even if I ask. )

[ Lucy slaps his hand away and her hair covers her eyes as she doesn't directly meet his gaze. ]

Lucy: What're you talking about? ( SUB: What're you saying? )

Kouta: You talking now? When did this happen? ( SUB: Where did you learn words like that? )

[ Yuka comes up the stairs behind them and takes Kouta's hand in hers. ]

Yuka: She's acting a little strange. Do you think she's- ( SUB: Isn't she a little strange? Is it possible that... )

[ Spotting Yuka holding his hand, Lucy's eyes narrow and one of her vectors punches Yuka backward down the stairs and into the railing. ]

Kouta: Yuka!

[ Kouta goes down after her and kneels beside her. ]

Kouta: It's slippery, remember? ( SUB: Like I said, it's slippery. )

[ Yuka sits up and rubs a hand over her eyes, whimpering. ]

Yuka: That's not it. Something hit me. It really hurt. ( SUB: No, that's not it. Something suddenly hit me. )

Kouta: Nothing hit you, Yuka. Now, stop crying. You've gotta set a good example for Nyu, right? ( SUB: What do you mean by that? Now, don't cry. Nyu'll laugh at you. )

[ He puts a hand on Yuka's head, and Lucy, still watching them from where she stands, thinks back to a much younger Kouta stroking Yuka's hair to calm her down when she cried. ]

Lucy: [ quietly ] Kouta.

[ Lucy's face is considerably more sorrowful as she turns away. She starts walking off again. This draws Kouta's attention, and he comes up after her again. ]

Kouta: Hey, where're you going? ( SUB: Hey, where're you going?! )

Lucy: I'm going home. I remembered everything.

Kouta: You mean your memory came back? ( SUB: Your memory came back? )

Lucy: Yes, which means I have to say good-by. ( SUB: So I have to say goodbye now. )

Kouta: What are you saying?! I know you don't have a place to go! ( SUB: What're you saying?! I know you don't have a place to go back to! )

[ Lucy's taken aback by that, and she looks away uneasily. ]

Lucy: I remember my home... ( SUB: My home... )

[ She flashes back to being imprisoned in the facility, bound up and unable to move. ]

Lucy: I'll make a new home. Don't worry about me. ( SUB: I can make my own home. It's none of your business. )

[ As she flashes back to her containment unit, Kouta grasps her shoulders and turns her around to look at him. ]

Kouta: What are you saying? Kaede House is your home, right?!

[ Lucy's eyes widen at his statement, and they slowly fill with tears. ]

Lucy: Oh, Kouta. You really don't remember? ( SUB: Kohta... You really don't... )

Kouta: What?

Lucy: I have no right. ( SUB: I... )

[ She buries her face in her hands as she cries. ]

Lucy: I don't deserve to be with you. ( SUB: don't have the right to be with you. )

Kouta: Don't deserve? Come on, what're you talking about? ( SUB: The right? What're you talking about? )

[ Yuka, having recovered from earlier, comes up behind them. ]

Yuka: Is Nyu crying? What's wrong? ( SUB: Is Nyu crying? )

[ Lucy falls to her knees as she sobs, still hiding her face in her hands. ]

Lucy: Because...eight years ago, I...Kouta's... ( SUB: Because eight years ago I...Kohta's... )

[ Kouta takes a step back as he recalls a vague memory of a horned child in shadow, then of himself crying, covered in blood and appearing to be cradling someone. ]

Yuka: What are you two talking about? ( SUB: What're you two talking about? )

[ Lucy slowly looks up, and she's stopped sobbing, but when she faces them fully, it's Nyu who's taken over again. Though she's still got tears running down her face, she brightens up upon seeing Kouta. ]

Nyu: Nyu? Kouta...Kouta!

[ Nyu jumps up to hug him. ]

Yuka: Is she was before? ( SUB: I wonder if she's back to how she was before? )

Kouta: Looks like it.

Nyu: Cuddle... Kouta, cuddle.

[ Nyu pulls back to demand he hold her, leading to Kouta making a surprised noise, then he smiles awkwardly at Yuka. Yuka immediately look annoyed and folds her arms as she turns away. ]

Yuka: All right. Just once, go ahead. ( SUB: All right. I'll let you do it just today. )

[ With her approval, Kouta hugs Nyu, who goes quiet and stares off ahead. Nyu herself has a sudden flashback to two children playing in a river, then hugs him back tightly. ]

Nyu: Kouta.

Kouta: Don't worry, I'll always be with you. Now, come on. Let's go home. ( SUB: Don't worry, since I'll always be with you. Let's hurry back to our home. )

[ The two embrace a bit longer, which is apparently too long for Yuka since she turns toward them again. ]

Yuka: How long do you plan to keep that up? ( SUB: So how long are you gonna be doing this? )

[ The screen clips away to another inari statue in front of the shrine, this one with its muzzle broken off. ]

Kouta: But you said it was okay.

Yuka: Forget what I said and cut it out! ( SUB: Forget what I said and break it off! )

[ From the sound of it, she punches him again, leading Kouta to yelp in pain. ]



[ As the sun sets on Yuigahama, a strange looking pod is washed up by the cliff side. The pod opens in huge puff of smoke to reveal Nana, who's still alive and looking around curiously. ]

Nana: Where am I?

[ Kurama's voice calls for her, but based on the sound and tinny quality to it, it's a recording stored in the pod. ]

Kurama's Recording: Nana.

Nana: Papa?

Kurama's Recording: The director ordered me to kill you. I've decided to disobey his order and help you make an escape. Soon enough, you'll learn to control these hands and legs. ( SUB: I was ordered to kill you by the director. But I'm going to disobey the order and let you get away. You should be able to control those hands and legs. )

[ As his recording continues on, Nana is shown looking over her new prostheses, then she's shown clumsily walking along the beach with her hands on the wall to keep herself upright. ]

Kurama's Recording: There's enough money in the bag for you to live for a while. Go as far away as you can and live peacefully. ( SUB: There's just enough money in the bag for you to live for a while. Get away as far as possible and live discreetly. )

[ Nana falls into the sand, and when she looks up, she's bleeding a little. ]

Nana: O-Ouch. ( SUB: Ouch. )

Kurama's Recording: Be a good girl. And I promise I'll come for you. I don't know how long it will take, but I'll be with you again someday. Take care of yourself until then. ( SUB: If you be a good girl, I'll surely come to get you. I don't know how many years it will take, but I surely will. )

[ Nana steadily gets up and continues to make her way along the beach, leaving footprints in the sand. Thinking about Kurama, she begins to cry and rubs her eyes. ]

Nana: Papa, what are you doing? Keeping me alive will get you in trouble and they're gonna... ( SUB: Stupid. Stupid Papa. If you do something like this, you'll also... )

Bando: Hey!

[ There's the sound of a gun's hammer clicking into place, and Bando stands not far away from her with his gun pointed at her. ]

Bando: So what the hell are those things sticking out of your head? Careful, sweetheart. The wrong answer might get you killed. ( SUB: What're those things sticking out from your head?! Depending on the answer, you're gonna get hurt. )

[ Nana only glares at him, not at all afraid of him. ]


Next Episode Preview

[ Nana looks at Bando from the side, still unconcerned with him despite him laughing and pointing a gun at her. Nyu smiles at Kouta while holding her clenched hand to her head. Inside the Maple House, Yuka cuts up leeks for dinner, and Mayu looks at Nyu in concern. ]

Narrator: Having lost both the reason and the means to survive, the little soul is set adrift. ( SUB: Losing the reason for its existence and not knowing the meaning of living nor how to survive, the little soul only wander about. )

[ The glass in the front door of the Maple House shatters, and Nana looks wide-eyed. Wanta looks up at Mayu, and Nyu pokes the pendulum of the grandfather clock to make it move. Yuka looks to Mayu in wonder as she stares ahead in thought. Bando continues to hold Nana at gunpoint at Yuigahama at sunset, and Nana looks at the blood on her hand. Enraged, the sand swirls around her as she prepares to use her vectors. ]

Narrator: Each encounter is rendered meaningless except for the pain it causes, and the stain of blood and tears it leaves too dense to wash away. Soon the little girl has become a vicious animal. ( SUB: Even encountering others meant nothing to her but the beginning of hurting each other's body. The blood and tears that she can't wipe off change the girl into an animal. )

[ Nyu looks at someone offscreen with a measure of worry. ]

Narrator: On the next Elfen Lied, Episode Seven: Confrontation. ( SUB: Next Elfen Lied, Episode Seven. "Confrontation." )

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