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Our intent is to have fully fleshed out, fanmade transcripts of all fourteen (as of 2015) episodes of the Elfen Lied anime, its English-language dub in specific. This means that in addition to the dialogue, there will be "stage directions" to describe the scenes.

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Elfen Lied Episode 5: Receipt ~ Empfang


[ Two figures stand on a cliffside of an island overlooking the sunset. The two are revealed to be Kurama and Shirakawa, the latter of whom approaches Kurama. ]

Shirakawa: I've been looking for you everywhere. The incident with #7, I've filed a report with the director. ( SUB: So this is where you were. About the disposition of #7, I've reported it to the director.)

Kurama: Fine. ( SUB: Okay. )

Shirakawa: Do you regret your decision? ( SUB: Are you regretting... )

Kurama: Regret is the domain of those who have earned the right to look back on the past. All I have is shame. ( SUB: Regret is something allowed only to people who have the right to look back on the past.)

Shirakawa: Oh, Chief. ( SUB: Chief... )


Act One

[ It's early morning at the Maple House, and a bird flies overhead, it's cry breaking the silence of the morning. Inside, Yuka searches the house for Kouta, a sheet of paper in her hand. ]

Yuka: Kouta! Kouta!

[ As Yuka continues to search for him, Mayu's voice narrates, reading the contents of the note Yuka bears. Also during her narration, Mayu can be seen waiting at a train crossing as the light flashes for caution before the train passes by. ]

Mayu's Voice: Thank you very much for everything. Dinner was delicious, but if I stay any longer, I know I'll just be trouble. ( SUB: Thank you very much for everything. The dinner was very good. If I stick around, I'll surely be a bother to you. )

[ The scene cuts back to the Maple House, where Nyu, dressed in pajamas, walks through the front hallway. She stretches and stops in front of the grandfather clock, then stares curiously at her reflection in its face. ]

Mayu's Voice: I'll pay you back for my hospital bill as soon as I can, I promise. I'm sorry for leaving without saying anything. -Mayu. ( SUB: Some day I'll definitely return the hospital fee that I borrowed. I'm sorry for leaving without saying anything. Mayu. )

[ Kouta holds her letter as he sits up in bed, Yuka sitting beside him. ]

Yuka: I found the letter when I went to go wake her up. ( SUB: I found it when I went to wake her up. )

Kouta: You know, I don't think she would have done this without a good reason. ( SUB: I guess she must have some serious reason. )

Yuka: So, what do you think we should do? ( SUB: So, what should we do? )

Kouta: [ After a pause ] Poor Mayu. Maybe she should move in here. ( SUB: I wonder if we could take in Mayu here? )

Yuka: Move in here?! ( SUB: Take her in?! )

[ While Yuka expresses her disbelief, Nyu has opened the grandfather clock's case to play with the pendulum inside. She's utterly delighted by how the pendulum swings just from her touching it.

Inside Kouta's room, Kouta and Yuka continue their conversation. ]

Kouta: That's right. We can't abandon her. Admit it, you're just as worried as I am. ( SUB: 'Cause we can't leave her like this, right?. You were worried too. )

Yuka: Yeah, and a girl like's dangerous for her to be on the streets all by herself. ( SUB: Yeah, and it's dangerous for a girl like that to be by herself. )

Kouta: But, taking her in might be more than we can handle. She needs to go back to her real home, wherever that might be. ( SUB: But it might be tough for us to take her in, after all. It'd be the best if she went right to her own home. )

[ Yuka stands up. ]

Yuka: What are you saying?! She can't go home! Why do you think she ran away in the first place?! ( SUB: What're you saying?! She's running away because she doesn't want to go home, right?! )

[ As Kouta's taken aback, Yuka quickly continues on. ]

Yuka: We have to find Mayu and bring her back. Now hurry up and change! ( SUB: We gotta find Mayu first. Now, hurry up and change! )

[ She turns mid-sentence to go out into the hallway, and looks over at Nyu as she's walking by. ]

Yuka: Nyu, we're going out.

[ Kouta comes out of his room a second later. ]

Kouta: As usual, I just don't get that girl. ( SUB: I don't really get her, as usual... )

[ He turns to see Nyu still playing with the clock and leaves his room to walk over to her. ]

Kouta: Don't mess with that. It isn't a toy, you know? ( SUB: Don't do that. This isn't a toy. )

[ Nyu sits up, leaving the clock alone, when addressed, and "nyu"s curiously. ]


[ The next scene is of Nyu staring down at a selection of fish. She, Yuka, and Kouta are at a marketplace, with the latter two chatting with a woman at a small bakery. ]

Baker: She didn't come in today. Are you two friends of hers? ( SUB: She didn't come here today. Are you acquaintances of hers? )

[ Kouta and Yuka share a glance. ]

Kouta: Uh, y-yes. Sort of. ( SUB: Oh, yes, sort of... )

Baker: Well, if you do run into her, I have something I'd like you to give her, from me. ( SUB: Well, if you manage to see her, there's something I'd like you to give her. )

[ She reaches for something behind the counter. ]

Kouta: Uh, sure. ( SUB: Yes? )


Act Two

[ Mayu stands in front of her parents, whose backs are to the camera. Mayu's face is shyly downcast with her eyes closed. ]

Mayu's mother: Say "hi" to your new daddy. ( SUB: He's your new daddy. )

Mayu's stepfather: Nice to meet you, Mayu.

[ Mayu opens her eyes and lifts her face some toward the pair, bringing a smile to her stepfather's face. ]

Mayu's stepfather: That's my girl. ( SUB: Good girl. )

[ The smile on her stepfather's face grows more sinister, and we soon see why. The next shot is of he and Mayu in a room, later shown to be a bedroom, and Mayu, face again downcast, is in her pajamas. ]

Mayu's stepfather: Come on now. Take off your clothes. ( SUB: Hurry up and take off your clothes. )

[ Mayu reaches up to undo her shirt, and the next shot is of her feet as the shirt falls down around them. Her stepfather sits with his hands together, elbows on his knees, and still wears a despicable smile on his face. ]

Mayu's stepfather: That's my girl. Now, you know what to do. ( SUB: Good girl. Now, as you always do. )

[ Mayu, now naked, but with only her chest visible, turns around with a soft sob. She crouches on all fours on the floor, and her stepfather leans in toward her, still on the bed. The scene cuts away to Mayu, again in her pajamas, standing in the hallway with her mother, who's dusting off a side table. ]

Mayu: Mommy, listen. I can't stand him anymore. ( SUB: Mom, I can't stand it any more. I can't stand that person. )

Mayu's mother: Really? Why's that? ( SUB: Oh, why? )

Mayu: Because... when you are not around... ( SUB: Because when you're out... )

[ Mayu's mother slaps her hard enough to send her to her knees, and Mayu recoils, gasping, with tears in her eyes and her cheek reddened. ]

Mayu's mother: It's you who isn't wanted! Because you're here...! Because you're here, he doesn't...! ( SUB: You're the one who isn't wanted! Because you're here... Because you're here, he's... )

[ In the bedroom, some time later, Mayu is in the sweater she's been wearing thus far in the present-day segments of the show, and she rustles with her clothes until her skirt falls to her knees. She doesn't take anymore off, however, puzzling her stepfather. ]

Mayu's stepfather: What's wrong? Take it all off.

Mayu: I...

Mayu's stepfather: Hmm? ( SUB: Huh? )

[ Mayu glares up at him, angry tears streaming down her face. ]

Mayu: I'm...I'm not gonna do it any more! ( SUB: I can't stand this any more! )

[ Mayu is shown running through the streets late at night. She grabbed her shoes but didn't take her skirt with her, leaving her to run through the Kamakura streets in only her sweater to keep her warm. She finally tires of running and falls to her hands and knees on a road littered with lights from the street lamps, and many houses with their bright windows surround her. She pants heavily for air and even tries to keep going forward in a crawl before stopping. When she lifts her face, it's stricken with sweat and tears, and she screams into the air before sobbing into her arms on the road.

In the daytime, Mayu aimlessly wanders, and an unspecified time later, at night, she takes shelter from the rain under a pedestrian overpass by the road, knees drawn up to her chest as she tries to stay warm. Another daytime shot, and she's walking along the streets, coming to a stop as she catches sight of the ocean beyond some houses. ]

Mayu: It's the ocean.

[ Out on the sparkling waters, boats sail past, and Mayu smiles as she stands on the beach. Kindergartners and their teacher walk by behind her on the sidewalk as she stares out at the ocean. Leaving her shoes neatly together on the shore, Mayu walks out into the water, but only gets in so far as her knees before a little dog runs up to the shoreline. The dog barks at her, and after turning to look back at him, a small smile comes to her face. The next shot has her on the sand with the dog, smiling down at him. ]

Mayu: Don't tell me you're alone? Were you abandoned? ( SUB: Are you alone too? Were you abandoned?)

[ The dog whines, and Mayu picks him up, cradling him close and trembling. ]

Mayu: You're just like me, you know? ( SUB: You're just like me. )


[ In the present, it's sunset as Mayu stands on the beach with Wanta in her arms. ]

Mayu: They were really nice. I wish everybody was as nice as they are. ( SUB: They were nice people. I wish everybody were nice. )

[ Wanta barks as if in answer. ]

Mayu: Sorry, Wanta. At least we've got each other, don't we? ( SUB: Sorry. I've got you, don't I, Wanta. )

[ He barks again, and a woman comes running up to the pair. ]

Woman on beach: James! James! Oh, James, thank God! I looked everywhere for you. ( SUB: James? James! Oh good, James! I looked all over for you! )

[ The woman takes Wanta from Mayu without regarding the girl at all. As she begins to walks away, Mayu takes a step after her, and the woman stops. ]

Mayu: Ma'am, are you his owner? ( SUB: Um... Are you the owner? )

Woman: That's right.

Mayu: Uh, do you think...maybe I could visit him sometime? I could walk him? ( SUB: Um... Well... Can I sometimes come to see him? )

Woman: Look at yourself! ( SUB: You're so filthy! )

Mayu: What?

Woman: You've got to be kidding me! James, you're safe now. ( SUB: You must be joking! Now, let's go, James! )

[ The woman begins to walk away again, and Mayu stumbles after her before stopping. ]

Mayu: Um.

Woman on beach: I'm so glad that I found you. ( SUB: I'm really glad that I found you. )

[ The woman's figure grows smaller the further away she walks, leaving Mayu with the setting sun's dying light. ]

Mayu: I'm happy for you. You get to eat good food from now on. ( SUB: I'm happy for you. You'll be eating a lot of tasty food from now on, right? )

[ Mayu hangs her head, and she closes her eyes to keep tears from falling. ]

Mayu: I'm happy. ( SUB: I'm happy for you. )

[ Come nightfall, it's begun to rain again. ]

Mayu: Hey, it was my birthday today. ( SUB: Oh, it was my birthday today. )

[ Mayu's taken shelter amidst a pile of crates and boxes covered with a tarp to keep them safe from the rain. ]

Mayu: If Wanta was with me, I'd be bragging about turning fourteen today. ( SUB: If Wanta was with me, I could've bragged about turning 14. )

[ She looks down at her hands, and despite trying hard not to cry, she curls up into herself and softly sobs. ]

Mayu: Don't cry. You promised yourself you'd never cry. ( SUB: No, don't cry. I decided that I would never cry, so... )

[ As she cries, she rocks back and forth as she tries to stay warm. ]

Mayu: I'm so cold. I'm so cold. ( SUB: I'm cold. I'm cold. )

[ A flashlight shines in on her in her hiding place. Two policemen wearing rain ponchos look in on her. ]

Policeman A: What are you doing here, little girl? ( SUB: What're you doing here? )

Mayu: I was...nothing! ( SUB: Um...I... )

Policeman B: We got a report of a girl your age loitering. Come out here. We need to talk to you. ( SUB: We gota report earlier that there was a girl here. In any case, come out of there. )

[ Mayu breaks past the two policemen in a run. ]

Policeman A: Hey, wait a minute! Get back here! Cut her off! ( SUB: Hey, wait a minute! You! Cut her off! )

Policeman B: Yes, sir!

[ Mayu continues to run despite their chase, and heads up the ramp to the street level. She stops as she spots someone walking toward her with an umbrella, and she's hit by flashbacks of her life at home with her parents. ]

Mayu: No, I don't wanna go back home! ( SUB: No. I don't wanna go home! )

Kouta: Mayu.

[ Much to Mayu's shock, it's not her parents come to take her home, but Kouta, Yuka, and Nyu. ]

Yuka: What a relief! We've been looking for you everywhere! ( SUB: I'm glad! We've been looking for you all this time. )

Mayu: Looking for me? But, why is that? ( SUB: Looking for me? Why? )

[ The two policemen catch up at this point, one approaching from the bottom of the ramp and the other from the sidewalk near Kouta and the others. ]

Policeman A: Who are you people? Are you friends of this girl? ( SUB: Who are you people? Are you this girl's acquaintances? )

Yuka: Yes.

Kouta: Actually, we're family. ( SUB: She's family. )

Policeman A: You're family? ( SUB: Family? )

Kouta and Yuka: Yes.

Kouta: We had a little fight, that's all. But our family has a bad habit of running off and hiding when we're upset. ( SUB: We had a little fight. People in our family have a habit of running away when they get upset. )

[ Kouta turns to Mayu, who's still looking up in shock at the three of them. Yuka, however, quickly gives Kouta an annoyed look at the "running off and hiding when upset" bit, thinking he means her. ]

Kouta: Now, let's go home!

[ Kouta comes forward to cover Mayu with the umbrella. The following shot shows the four of them closer to the Maple House, with Mayu walking under Yuka's umbrella. ]

Yuka: [ giggling ] Those two cops didn't know what to think, did they? ( SUB: The police officers looked puzzled, didn't they? )

Mayu: But, why...why'd you do it? ( SUB: Um, why? )

Kouta: Lying to the cops? I just figured it would be easier than explaining everything. ( SUB: I remembered you were at the beach at night. )

Mayu: That's...That's not what I was asking. Why did you come looking for me? ( SUB: Not about that. Why did you look for me? )

[ Kouta leans down toward her on the stairs to take her hand. ]

Kouta: Come on. We'll catch cold if we don't hurry up. ( SUB: Come on, we'll catch cold if we don't hurry up. )

Mayu: But, but wait. ( SUB: But... )

[ Despite her weak protests, he leads her up the stairs. Inside the Maple House, after she's dried off and gotten into a new change of clothes, Mayu sits with Yuka and Kouta at a table in one of the house's rooms. ]

Kouta: I don't know where you're running from, but why not stay here until you figure things out? ( SUB: I don't know your situation, but why don't you stay here until you sort out your feelings? )

Mayu: What? Stay here? ( SUB: Here? )

Kouta: That way, we won't waste time worrying about you. ( SUB: Because we'll feel more at ease that way too. )

[ Yuka turns to the side to pick up a small box she's kept beside her. She places it on the table, revealing the small cake that's inside. Though small, the cake is filled with fruit and topped with a strawberry. Great care was taken to make it, judging by the detail on the frosting. Mayu's eyes widen as she catches sight of it. ]

Yuka: Today is your birthday, isn't it? The nice woman at the bakery saved this for you. ( SUB: It was your birthday today, right? The baker said she wanted you to have it, even though it was a leftover. )

Mayu: Really? For me? ( SUB: The baker did... )

Kouta: Anyway, happy birthday, Mayu. ( SUB: In any case, happy birthday. )

Yuka: Happy Birthday!

[ Mayu's lip trembles as if she's about to cry from the well-wishes, but she's interrupted as Nyu comes in with a bowl overflowing with rice. She sets the bowl down in front of Mayu and looks at her expectantly. ]

Kouta: What's that? Why the rice? ( SUB: What's that? )

Yuka: Oh, it's because Nyu saw Mayu eating rice yesterday, and she looked happy. ( SUB: Oh, because Mayu looked happy when she was eating rice yesterday. )

[ Mayu turns to Nyu, who nods. ]

Kouta: She's saying "Happy Birthday" in her own little way, I guess. ( SUB: She's being considerate in her own way, huh? )

Mayu: (SUB: No...)

[ Mayu looks downward, which draws concerned and puzzled looks from all three. ]

Yuka: Mayu?

Mayu: I wish you hadn't. You know, I hate being a burden to you guys. ( SUB: You shouldn't. No. I'm such a bother to you. )

[ Mayu wipes her eyes and lifts her head, tears still slipping down her cheeks. ]

Mayu: I'm crying again. I didn't want to, but... I'm so happy! ( SUB: Tears come down even when we're not sad, don't they? )

[ As Mayu begins to sob, Nyu and Yuka come closer to touch her shoulders and comfort her. Outside, Wanta stands in front of the house's gate. He's soaked from the rain and has a torn leash around his neck, and his tail wags as he waits to be let in. ]


Act Three

[ An indistinct amount of time later, the sun again shines down on the Maple House early in the morning. Mayu, dressed in a middle school uniform, looks back with a smile on her face as the cherry blossom petals fall onto the house's front yard. ]

Mayu: See you later!

[ Nyu and Wanta call to her as she leave, Nyu with her "nyu"s and Wanta with excited barks. Nyu is waving while scratching underneath the puppy's chin. As Mayu happily descends the steps leading up to the home, Yuka locks up the windows inside. Kouta is still lying face down on the floor, head buried in a pillow, despite his bed having been put up. ]

Yuka: Wow, Mayu is a completely different person! Going to school has been so good for her. ( SUB: I'm glad to see Mayu's cheered up since she started going to school. )

[ Upon seeing Kouta still hasn't gotten up to get ready to leave, Yuka frowns and utters a low "hmph." ]

Yuka: How much longer are you going to refuse to get up? ( SUB: How long are you going to be lying down, unwilling to get up? )

[ Yuka walks closer to him and holds his head down against the pillow with her foot, prompting Kouta to flail his arms and legs in an attempt to get her off. ]

Kouta: [ muffled ] Ow! I'll get up! I said I'll get up! ( SUB: Oh! I'll get up. I said I'll get up! )

[ Yuka pauses, realizing she forgot something, and Kouta ceases in his flailing as she walks away. ]

Yuka: Oh, I have to lock the back door. You could at least help me lock up! ( SUB: Oh, I have to lock the back door. At least help me lock up, okay?! )

[ Kouta lifts his head up from the pillow, but his expression is troubled. ]

Kouta: You know, her mom didn't seem to upset about losing her. ( SUB: But she approved of it very easily, didn't she? )

Yuka: What do you mean? ( SUB: What're you talking about? )

Kouta: The way Mayu's mom acted. ( SUB: I'm talking about Mayu's mother. )

[ Kouta thinks back to his meeting with Mayu's mother in what appears to be a small restaurant or cafe. Mayu's mother, cast in shadow, slides a manila envelope over to Kouta across an ornately decorated table, a cup of tea beside her. ]

Kouta: I thought she'd put up more of a fight. Most people would hesitate to hand their daughter off to total strangers. ( SUB: I thought she'd put up more of a fight. I wonder if people normally leave their daughters with total strangers that easily? )

[ Back in reality, Yuka's not actually left the room thanks to Kouta's interruption, and she looks to be in deep thought. ]

Yuka: And it didn't seem like she had reported her missing to the police. ( SUB: It seemed like she didn't report it to the police, either. )

[ Kouta slowly gets up from the floor. ]

Kouta: I wonder what her story is. ( SUB: I wonder what the deal is? )

Yuka: You're the one who decided that we wouldn't ask questions. ( SUB: You're the one who decided that we wouldn't question. )

Kouta: Yeah, I know. ( SUB: Well, yeah, I know. )

[ As Kouta looks away, again in thought, Yuka looks a touch more annoyed again. ]

Yuka: Well, you can't take in any more girls! ( SUB: Don't add any more girls, okay? )

Kouta: It's not exactly like I'm taking in girls because I want to! ( SUB: It's not exactly like I'm bringing girls in because I want to! )

Yuka: Come on, we have to go to school. Hurry up and get ready!

[ As Yuka chides him to hurry up, Kouta immediately flops back down onto the pillow to pretend to be asleep, complete with obnoxious fake snoring. Yuka, hands balled into fists, comes back and again presses his head to the pillow with her foot. ]

Yuka: Come on! Get up already! Hurry up!

Kouta: Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! I'll get up! Ow! Okay! I'll get up! Ow! Cut it out! ( SUB: Okay, okay, okay. )


[ At the local university, Nyu walks along with Yuka and Kouta, and she's now got purple ribbons in her hair to hide her horns. ]

Kouta: [ To Nyuu ] You have to leave the bow on. No matter what. All right? ( SUB: Listen, don't ever take that off, okay? )

[ The trio come to a stop as Nyu gives a loud "nyu!" in affirmation. Yuka, however, stops a few steps further than the other two. ]

Kouta: And you're not gonna say "nyu?" ( SUB: It's not "nyu," is it? )

Nyu: Yes!

Yuka: Nyu's learning. Little by little, but she's picked up a couple of words. ( SUB: Little by little, Nyu's learning words, isn't she? )

Kouta: You'd think she'd at least know our names by now... ( SUB: I'd think that she should at least be calling us by name by now. )

Yuka: Soon, you just wait. ( SUB: Soon, soon. )

[ Yuka begins walking again, and the next shot has the three in a classroom, with Yuka sitting between Nyu and Kouta. It's during a recess in between classes, just prior to the professor showing up, based on the students chattering with each other and the lack of a professor. ]

Yuka: I heard a rumor that this professor is a real weirdo. ( SUB: There's a rumor that the next professor is a real weirdo. )

[ As Yuka goes on, Kouta begins to yawn. ]

Yuka: He's got a reputation for calling on people the first day. So you keep yawning... ( SUB: He's got a reputation for calling on people right away. So if you look like that... )

Nyu: Yes!

[ Both whip their heads toward Nyu. Yuka in particular appears to be troubled by the sudden realization that Nyu would instantly be outed as a non-student if she speaks up. ]

Yuka: If Nyu gets called on, we're in trouble, aren't we? ( SUB: It'll be a problem if Nyu gets called on, won't it? )

Kouta: Yuka, can I ask you something? ( SUB: Hey, Yuka... )

[ Yuka's expression changes, as she smiles and even blushes a bit as she offers a "hm?" in response. ]

Kouta: I thought you were smart, but you can't be, can you? ( SUB: You're dumber than I thought, aren't you? )

[ Yuka's smile disappears, and she gives Kouta a look of utter disbelief. Even Nyu's otherwise cheery smile drops at that point. ]

Yuka: What? What exactly do you mean by that? ( SUB: What're you talking about all of a sudden? )

Kouta: This is a safety school, a place for people who got low scores on their entrance exams. ( SUB: This school doesn't require applicants to have a high deviation value. )

[ Kouta smiles sheepishly. ]

Kouta: Myself included. I barely passed. ( SUB: Well, I say that though I'm one of those who barely passed. )

[ Yuka turns away from him, and her eyes are shadowed by her hair as she tilts her face down. ]

Yuka: I turned down all my first choice schools. ( SUB: I turned down all the schools that accepted me. )

Kouta: What? You did? ( SUB: What? What'd you say? )

Yuka: Yes, yes, It's true! I am every bit as dumb as you are, Kouta! ( SUB: Yeah, yeah, that's it! I'm as stupid as you are, Kohta! )

[ She startles everyone in the classroom, save Nyu, with her exclamation, and Kouta quickly tries to assuage the situation in a softer voice. ]

Kouta: Alright, okay! ( SUB: Hey... )

Nyu: Yes!

[ Nyu throws up her hand, and both Yuka and Kouta look sheepish about the entire outburst. The next shot has the professor Yuka spoke of walking in and teaching, reading out of a textbook. The nametag on his lab coat reads "Kakuzawa." The man himself looks rather bored with the reading, and stops by a student sitting not far from Nyu and the others. ]

Professor Kakuzawa: In 1952, Miller created a water-soluble organic compound. Now, tell me. ( SUB: In 1952, Miller created a water-soluble organic compound... Now, you. )

Student: Uh, yes? ( SUB: Yes? )

Kakuzawa: Why did Miller base this compound on a tungsten electrode? ( SUB: What was the reason that Miller used a tungsten electrode? )

Student: Uh, I don't know. ( SUB: I don't know. )

Kakuzawa: Yes, I see. Anyone else wanna try? ( SUB: Then, anyone else? )

[ During his interrogation of the student, Yuka holds a finger over her mouth in Nyu's direction, but Nyu doesn't seem to be paying her any mind. As Kakuzawa walks past, Yuka looks relieved for a brief moment before Nyu's raising her hand. Kouta looks over at her as well, just as aghast as Yuka. ]

Nyu: Yes!

Kouta: [ whispering ] Hey! You idiot! ( SUB: You idiot. )

[ Kakuzawa turns toward Nyu, and after a second, horror draws across his face. He flashes back to images of what can only be Lucy in one of her containment units. He drops his textbook as he realizes her to be Lucy, and whispers to himself in disbelief as he backs away. The students in the room whisper at the sudden scene, and Yuka and Kouta look on just as bewildered as the others. ]

Kakuzawa: How can it be you?! It's impossible, but there she is... ( SUB: You... What's this? Why is she here? )

Kouta: I'm sorry. My friend just hasn't been herself lately. ( SUB: I'm sorry, but it seems like she isn't feeling good. )

Yuka: We're sorry. We'll take her home right now. ( SUB: We'll take her, so... )

[ They gather their things and usher Nyu out of the row of seats. They make it up a few steps before Kakuzawa interrupts them. ]

Kakuzawa: Wait a minute. Today's class is canceled. The three of you, I want you to come with me. ( SUB: Hold on. I'm calling off today's class. The three of you come with me. )


[ Nyu, Yuka, and Kouta are with Kakuzawa in his office. While Yuka and Kouta stand beside where he sits at his desk, Nyu rummages through his things on the other side of the room. ]

Kakuzawa: Your friend. Her name is Lucy. She's my younger brother's daughter. ( SUB: She is... Lucy is my younger brother's child. )

[ Both Kouta and Yuka are visibly taken aback by the revelation. ]

Kouta and Yuka: What?

Kakuzawa: So, let's be perfectly clear about what happened. You're saying that you found her naked on the shore and took her home without even calling the police? ( SUB: Tell me what's going on here. You're saying that you found her wandering on the shore and took her home with you without even taking her to the police? )

Kouta: That's because we had to hide her! Like I told you, at the time, we were sure someone was chasing her. ( SUB: That because we were going to hide her since it looked like she was being chased by something. )

Kakuzawa: Do you know what they call what the two of you did? Kidnapping! Forced retention of a minor! Indisputable felonies! ( SUB: Do you know what you've done? Abduction of a minor and kidnapping. They're indisputable criminal acts. )

Yuka: That's not true! We rescued her! ( SUB: That's not fair! We were... )

Kakuzawa: I'll look after her now. ( SUB: I'll look after her. )

Kouta: What?

Yuka: But, why? (SUB: Why? )

[ Kakuzawa leans against his desk, his head resting on his hand. ]

Kakuzawa: Isn't it obvious? She's been missing for weeks. Can you imagine how worried her family is? ( SUB: Isn't it obvious?! Do you really understand how much her family is worried about her? )

Yuka: I know, but please, you have to listen! ( SUB: So, please listen to what we have to say! )

Kakuzawa: In your care, she lost her memory and developed some kind of language problem. ( SUB: She lost her memory, and moreover, she has language difficulties. )

[ Yuka backs down a bit, and Kouta lowers his head so his gaze goes to the floor. Kakuzawa leans back in his chair as he continues talking, and on the other side of the room, Nyu plays with what appears to be a toy or dead frog. ]

Kakuzawa: You have to agree she belongs to her parents, getting professional treatment. The girl needs real help! ( SUB: Even you should understand that we need to return her to her parents and get her treated, right? )

[ Neither Kouta nor Yuka respond, other than a low sigh from Kouta. ]

Kakuzawa: I'll handle things in a way they keep you two out of trouble. ( SUB: I'll handle things so that you won't get in trouble for what you did. )

[ Kakuzawa looks once toward Nyu, then back to the two of them. ]

Kakuzawa: Look, leave the damage control to me and just go home and forget about it. ( SUB: Leave the rest to me, and go on home. )

Yuka: But you're not listening to our side! Right? ( SUB: That's too one-sided! Right? )

[ Yuka looks at Kouta to get some kind of confirmation from him, but he's still looking down at the ground. ]

Kouta: I understand.

Yuka: Kouta?!

Kouta:, the girl we found...take good care of her. ( SUB: Nyu... No, that girl. Please take good care of her. )

[ Kouta bows to the professor, then straightens up and turns to go. He stops to stare at Nyu, as does Yuka, then he continues walking out of the office. ]

Yuka: Kouta!

[ Nyu, finally taking notice of the pair leaving, flings the frog away and happily trots over toward the door to follow. Kakuzawa stops her by placing his hands on her shoulders, and Nyu looks up at him curiously before worriedly turning toward Yuka and Kouta. Kouta stops at the door to look back at her sorrowfully. ]

Kouta: Take care now, Nyu. ( SUB: Take care, Nyu. )

[ Seeing Kouta leaving without her greatly distresses Nyu, who resists Kakuzawa's hold and reaches out for him. Yuka looks at Nyu worriedly, then steps just outside the door to watch Kouta go as Nyu's wails grow louder. ]

Nyu: Kouta!

[ Tears stream down Nyu's face as she calls for Kouta, which stops him in his tracks in the hall. Yuka stares back at her in the office in shock, and Nyu continues to cry out Kouta's name to implore him to come back. Her cries become more insistent, and Kouta uncomfortably clutches his bag as he continues walking. Yuka runs after him as he leaves. ]


[ At the stone steps overlooking the ocean, Kouta and Yuka stand looking out at the sights. Kouta's stare is somewhat blank. ]

Kouta: I'm sorry I dragged you all the way up here. ( SUB: Sorry that I dragged you out here. )

Yuka: That's okay.

Kouta: For some reason, I wanted to come up and look at the scenery. ( SUB: I suddenly wanted to see the scenery from here, so... )

Yuka: You've always liked this place, haven't you, Kouta? it's nice. ( SUB: You've always liked this place, huh? )

Kouta: I...

[ Though Yuka tries to be positive, she's looking worriedly at Kouta as his head dips down again. ]

Kouta: ...couldn't say anything back to that jerk. It's obvious that we shouldn't have taken her home, isn't it? ( SUB: couldn't say anything back to him. It's obvious that we shouldn't have taken her home without asking, isn't it? )

[ The shot looks out over the ocean again, the cherry blossom petals floating gently in the slight breeze. ]

Yuka: Yeah, it's not like Mayu's situation. ( SUB: Yeah, it's different from Mayu's case. )

Kouta: Nyu is gonna be a lot happier now that she's going back to her real home. ( SUB: Nyu'll be able to live happily now since she's going back to her real home, right? )

Yuka: Oh, definitely. Besides, Nyu was only with us for a little while, but it was fun having her around. ( SUB: Yeah. Nyu was only around for a short time, but it was fun. )

[ More petals fall in the air, and the chirping of the birds is met with the sounds of Kouta sobbing softly. Yuka's eyes widen as she turns to him, and Kouta's covering his face with one hand as he cries. ]

Yuka: Kouta? Jerk?! What are you crying for?! You're supposed to be a guy! ( SUB: Kouta. You idiot! Why're you crying? You're a guy, aren't you? )

[ Despite how upset she looks, she's soon tearing up as well and her hard expression softens and her voice weakens too. ]

Yuka: And guys aren't supposed to cry...because if you keep crying, I'm going to... ( SUB: Don't cry so much. If you cry that much, I'll also... )

[ Yuka buries her head against Kouta's shoulder, and the two lean against each other as they sob harder at the top of the stairs. ]


[ An X-Ray of a brain shows an oddly large mass in the frontal lobe of a human brain. Kakuzawa's voiceover comes with it, explaining it to be a Diclonius brain. As he speaks, he draws a chemical from a bottle into a syringe. ]

Kakuzawa: The enlarged pineal gland that characterizes a Diclonius' frontal lobe. The central foundation that controls the vectors. It's theoretically possible, but who'd have imagined that her personality would actually split? ( SUB: The huge pineal gland that occupies Diclonius' frontal lobe. The foundation that controls the vectors. It's theoretically possible...but I never imagined that her intelligence had split. )

[ Kakuzawa turns to face Nyu, who he's stripped and bound, her hands tied to a rope hanging from the ceiling. Nyu cries out to him in fear, not understanding what's happening. ]

Kakuzawa: No wonder they can't find you. The only thing that would get you noticed is killing people, and your skill in that regard is noteworthy. ( SUB: No wonder they can't find you, because the only thing you can do to be noticed is kill people. )

[ He smiles as he turns his face toward her, then walks closer to her with the syringe in hand. ]

Kakuzawa: Lucy, don't you think this is wonderful? We can put an end to a hundred and fifty thousand years of Homo sapiens' history with a few decisive actions. ( SUB: Lucy, don't you think this is wonderful? We can end the 150 thousand years of Homo sapiens' history. )

[ Nyu doesn't reply other than a frightened little "nyu," and she stares at the needle warily. ]

Kakuzawa: I'll put you to sleep for a while, and when you awaken, we will be the Adam and Eve of the next stage of humanity. My children, and you will bear them all! ( SUB: I'll put you to sleep for a while. And when you wake up, we'll be the Adam and Eve of the new mankind. You'll bear my children. )


Act Four

[ At the Maple House, the sun has set and Mayu is out in the front yard with Wanta. She's placed a bowl of food in front of him, and, crouching, looks up with a smile as the gate opens. ]

Mayu: Oh, hey guys! You're back! ( SUB: Oh, you're back! )

[ The gate closes, and Mayu notices there's someone missing from their trio. She straightens up as Kouta and Yuka come closer, but Kouta doesn't say anything as he walks past her into the house. ]

Mayu: Hey, where did Nyu go? What's wrong? ( SUB: Um, where's Miss Nyu? Umm... )

[ She looks after Kouta, concerned, and Yuka stops to place a hand on her shoulder. ]

Yuka: I'm sorry Mayu. We'll tell you later. ( SUB: Sorry, Mayu. We'll tell you later. )

[ Yuka continues into the house, leaving Mayu puzzled. ]


[ During dinner, Kouta barely seems to touch his food while Mayu and Yuka eat and discuss the day's events. ]

Mayu: So that's what happened. I wish I would've said goodbye to Nyu. ( SUB: So that's what happened. I wish I could've said goodbye to Miss Nyu. )

[ Something occurs to Mayu, as she turns toward Kouta. ]

Mayu: But wait, can't we just go visit her when we want to? ( SUB: But can't we go and see her sometimes? )

Kouta: No, we can't. They think we're kidnappers. ( SUB: But we'll be called kidnappers. )

[ Kouta's understandably in a poor mood, and Mayu stares thoughtfully ahead as she holds her bowl closer to her face. ]

Mayu: Do you really think he was telling the truth? ( SUB: But, I wonder if what he said is true. )

[ Both Kouta and Yuka look shocked by the question and look confusedly at Mayu. ]

Mayu: Well, maybe it's just me, but the family story sounds a little odd. ( SUB: Well, I don't believe too much in family and such, so... )

[ A sullen silence comes over the three, and Mayu drinks her soup while Kouta and Yuka stare thoughtfully at their food. ]

Yuka: Come to think of it, he was acting pretty strange. Like I said, everyone thinks Professor Kakuzawa is pretty weird. ( SUB: Come to think of it now, it was a little strange, wasn't it? )

Kouta: Hey, let's go find Kakuzawa and see what's going on for Nyu's sake. ( SUB: In any case, let's see Professor Kakuzawa one more time and ask. )

Yuka: We owe it to her. ( SUB: Yeah. )

[ As Yuka looks off to the side, Kouta's stare grows more intense as he considers what Mayu's said and the situation with Kakuzawa. ]


[ In Kakuzawa's laboratory, the syringe is empty and resting next to a bottle on the desk. Nyu's been untied and is passed out on the floor, and Kakuzawa loosens his tie. ]

Kakuzawa: Now, shall we get started? ( SUB: Now, shall we begin? )


[ In the Maple House, Mayu, clad in pajamas, has stopped by the dining room to bid Yuka and Kouta goodnight. ]

Mayu: All right, then. Good night. ( SUB: Well, then, good night. )

Yuka: Good night, Mayu.

Kouta: Sleep tight. ( SUB: Good night. )

[ After bowing, Mayu closes the door and heads off to her room, leaving Kouta and Yuka alone. Outside, cherry blossom petals continue to gently fall even at night. For a time, both of them are silent. ]

Yuka: Hey Kouta?

[ Kouta lifts his head and makes an inquisitive noise, and Yuka's turned her face down just enough to have her hair hide her eyes. ]

Yuka: If I ran away, would you cry for me? Like you were crying for Nyu? ( SUB: If I were gone, would you cry for me like earlier? )

[ Kouta casts his gaze to the side, turning his head. ]

Kouta: How should I know? Come on! It's not exactly like I cried because I wanted to. ( SUB: How should I know?! It's not exactly like I cried because I wanted to. )

Yuka: Yeah, you're right.

[ Neither of them are looking at each other as Yuka lifts her teacup and Kouta stands up to his feet. He walks to the door to the hall, and Yuka turns toward him as he does. ]

Kouta: Well, I'm going to bed. ( SUB: I'm going to bed. )

Yuka: I still need to wash up. ( SUB: Oh, I'll take a bath first. )

Kouta: Good night. ( SUB: Then, good night. )

Yuka: Yeah, good... night. ( SUB: Yeah, good night. )

[ Kouta leaves the room and shuts the door before Yuka's even done speaking, and once he's out of the room, she sets her cup down and leans over the table. She buries her face in her hands to cry. ]

Yuka: Kouta, you're such a jerk. ( SUB: Jerk. Kohta, you jerk. )

[ Out in the hallfway, Kouta is leaning against the wall and muttering to himself with tears in his eyes. A vase full of white lilies sits in the background just beyond the corner. ]

Kouta: Don't ask such stupid...questions. ( SUB: Don't ask me something like that, stupid. )



[ In Kakuzawa's laboratory at the school, Nyu is still unconscious on the floor. Offscreen, Professor Kakuzawa chuckles, and as he comes into view, he's unbuttoning his shirt. ]

Kakuzawa: Of course, I always had plans to collect her, but I never imagined that we'd meet here. This means that destiny favors me and turns its back on my father. ( SUB: I was thinking of retrieving her some time, but I never imagined it would be in a place like this. This means that the heavens chose me, not my father. )

[ He turns around to discover Nyu is no longer lying where he left her. Surprised, he backs away and anxiously scans the room for any sign of her. He grows unnerved by the silent room, but before long, "Nyu's" familiar form stands up a short distance away. ]

Kakuzawa: You are supposed to be asleep. ( SUB: You weren't sleeping? )

Lucy: The other one's asleep. I'm the one who's awake. ( SUB: Yes, the other one is. )

[ Lucy slowly turns toward him. ]

Lucy: Tell me, who are you? ( SUB: Who are you? )

Kakuzawa: Hold on! I'm on your side, Lucy! I'm the one who released you. ( SUB: Wait! I'm on your side. I'm the one who released you. )

[ He backs away from her in terror, and as he speaks, images appear of him surveying her room in the control room and of the broken containment unit in which she was previously held. He gesticulates with his hands as he speaks, and all the while, Lucy doesn't seem to be staring at him, but rather, she's staring a bit lower as if preoccupied with something else. ]

Kakuzawa: My father and I are researching the same subject, but unlike my father, I have no intent of keeping you restrained. That's why I released you from his imprisoning lab, so you could be faithful to the plan encoded in your DNA! That is, to exterminate human beings and to prosper from killing. Together we can cleanse the earth of the old mankind and establish a new order where only Diclonius reign! Just think of it, Lucy. Don't you think it's brilliant? (SUB: My father is also thinking about the same thing as me. But unlike my father, I don't intend to restrain you. That's why I released you before that happens. You're faithful to the orders of your DNA. That is, to exterminate foolish human beings and prosper. So together we should destroy the old mankind and establish a world with only Diclonius. How about that, Lucy? Don't you think it's brilliant? )

[ The glass of the specimen case behind him cracks and shatters, and Kakuzawa holds his arms in front of his face and head as he falls to the floor in surprise. A single vector stretches out from behind Lucy, but its movement is somewhat erratic. ]

Lucy: They're back.

Kakuzawa: Please listen, Lucy! You and I are not enemies. We're allies. ( SUB: Listen, Lucy! You and I aren't enemies! We're allies! )

[ Kakuzawa slowly stands up to further appeal to her. Lucy doesn't look too impressed by his speech. ]

Lucy: You are a foolish primate. ( SUB: You're a foolish monkey too. )

Kakuzawa: You're wrong! ( SUB: That's not true! )

[ He reaches up to his head, and he pulls away the wig he's been wearing to reveal a pair of horns on his otherwise bald head. Though he was frightened of her before, now he's grinning as he expects her to think better of him thanks to his horns. ]

Kakuzawa: You and I belong to the exact same race! Are you surprised? ( SUB: I also belong to the same race as yours. Are you surprised? )

[ Lucy lifts her head more to actually look at him, but her expression is unreadable. ]

Kakuzawa: Unfortunately, all I have to show for my genetics is the pair of horns on my head. Lucy, it's different for you. You are the pure one I've be- ( SUB: As for me, only these horns remain as proof, but Lucy, it's different for you. You're the pure one that we've been waiting for... )

[ He lifts his arms in the air, but he doesn't get to finish his exclamation before his head is torn off his body thanks to Lucy's vectors. As his head falls to the floor, his body crumples as well, spurting blood all over the specimen case behind him. Lucy's expression has never changed from the beginning of his speech to his grisly demise. ]

Lucy: Waiting for that? Because it's all you deserve. ( SUB: I don't need...someone like you. )


Next Episode Preview

[ Kouta looks up in surprise, and Yuka, clad in pajamas, sits with her knees drawn to her chest in the Maple House's foyer. Kurama grits his teeth in anger, and in a hospital bassinet, a baby lies. ]

Narrator: Anxiety and relief. Cruelty and kindness. ( SUB: Anxiety and relief. Agony and kindness. )

[ Bandou takes out a cigarette to smoke. Shirakawa's eyes widen in dread, and Kurama walks away from where Chief Kakuzawa stands in the foreground. One of Nyu's hair ribbons lies on the ground by Arakawa's feet. Professor Kakuzawa's dismembered head rolls across the floor. Mayu, clad in her school uniform, stands in the front door with a troubled look on her face. ]

Narrator: A never ending tide of conflicting emotions. The contradictions combine to mean only one thing. ( SUB: Various feelings that overflow and never stop. Although these contradict each other, they mean only one thing. )

[ Kouta sits close to Yuka, also looking troubled himself, and outside a shring, a statue of an inari sits with its muzzle broken off. Yuka smiles, and the view pans down a row of red shrine flags. Kouta turns Lucy around after grabbing her shoulder, speaking to her with a worried look. ]

Narrator: Passion, buried for many years, is uncovered by the falling rain. The greatest wave begins as the smallest tear drop. ( SUB: The feeling suppressed for many years is melted by the falling rain and soon quietly starts flowing. )

[ A gathering of water on another inari statue's eye twinkles in the light, and Lucy slowly turns away as the water falls down its face like a tear. When a crying Lucy lifts her head, she's become Nyu again. ]

Narrator: On the next Elfen Lied, Episode Six: Innermost Feelings. ( SUB: Next Elfen Lied, Episode Six. "Innermost Feelings." )

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