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Elfen Lied Episode 3: Deep Feelings ~ Im Innersten


[ The scene opens up where we last left off in the previous episode: Yuka has walked in on Kouta attempting to replace Nyu's wet clothing with dry ones. Kouta stares up at her, shocked and nervously awaiting her reaction, but Yuka merely stares back down at the scene, her face unreadable aside from surprise. ]

Kouta: No. Look. I-I-It's not what you think! Nyu's clothes are wet, a-and she can't change herself! Uh, see... ( SUB: No, it's not what you're thinking! Her clothes were wet and Nyu couldn't change by herself. So... )

[ Yuka closes her eyes and turns her head, unwilling to listen to his excuses. Kouta's put Nyu's legs down and holds up a hand to further plead with Yuka as she walks toward the table in the room. She sets down the house key she forgot to leave with him during the cab ride home. ]

Yuka: Here's the key to the house. I'll leave it on the table. ( SUB: This is the key to the house. I'll leave it here. )

[ She straightens up and turns toward the two, a smile on her face. Her smile doesn't reach her eyes, however, and instead seems forced. ]

Yuka: I'm happy. Nyu seems to be doing fine. ( SUB: I'm glad that Nyu seems to be doing fine. )

[ Kouta stands up in front of her, trying again to appeal to her. ]

Kouta: Yuka! Hold on. This isn't what you... ( SUB: Yuka, well, this is... )

Yuka: It looks like I'm interrupting. I'll just be going. ( SUB: Since it looks like I interrupted something, I'm going home. )

[ With her face still wearing the smile, Yuka walks past him and the still prone Nyu toward the door. Kouta stumbles after her. ]

Kouta: What are you implying?! Wait a second! At least give me a chance to explain! ( SUB: What're you saying?! Hold on. Hey, listen to what I have to say! )

[ Catching up to her, Kouta rests a hand on Yuka's shoulder to hopefully stop her from going any further before he can explain himself. ]

Kouta: Like I said, you misunderstood.

[ Yuka doesn't answer right away. Instead, she's quiet, and only speaks up in a muted tone after a moment of pause. ]

Yuka: Hey, Kouta?

[ He hums in answer and leans toward her, waiting for her to continue. ]

Yuka: Do you remember the festival? The one we always went to when we were kids? Do you remember? ( SUB: Do you remember the festival we went to together when we were kids? )

[ There is a swift close-up of the grandfather clock behind them with its hands stopped at 6:07:21. ]

Kouta: The festival? What are you talking about? Come on. That hardly seems important right now. ( SUB: A festival? Where'd that come from? That doesn't matter right now, does it? )

[ Yuka turns around and slaps him, and balls her fists up by her sides. ]

Yuka: You jerk!

[ Still recoiling from the impact, Kouta holds a hand to his reddened cheek and gazes at her in shock. ]

Kouta: Yuka...

Yuka: Ever since I've been... ( SUB: I...all along... )

[ Instead of anger, there's only sorrow on his cousin's face as tears fall from her eyes. Her words fail to come out all at once. She brings her hands up to hide her tears and wipe them away. ]

Yuka: I've been... ( SUB: all along... )

Kouta: Yuka? ( SUB: Yuka... )

[ Her hands go back to her sides, again balled into fists. ]

Yuka: You're such a jerk!

[ She turns and makes for the door, and she's still sobbing as she goes. ]

Kouta: Yuka! Hold on! ( SUB: Hold on, Yuka! )

[ Kouta attempts to follow after her to stop her again, but she's out the door before he can reach her. He winces as she slams the door shut behind her. ]

Kouta: What was all that about? ( SUB: What was that all about? )

[ For a time, he watches the door as if waiting for Yuka to return. Suddenly, he huddles up, arms clasped across his chest, and shudders. ]

Kouta: I just got a chill down my spine. Wonder if I'm getting sick. ( SUB: My back feels chilly. I wonder if I'm catching a cold. )

[ Nyu watches him, peeking around the corner, and offers only a little "nyuuu..." in wonder at the scene that just happened. ]


[ Back in the facility, Kurama looks down at the bloodied Diclonius girl in front of him. Though she's wounded and covered in her own blood, she's smiling happily at him and tugs at the chains that keep her from embracing him. ]

Nana: It's you, Papa! It's really you! ( SUB: It's you, Papa. Papa! )

[ As the girl struggles with the chains, Kurama uncuffs her from her bindings as Shirakawa and the assistant watch in the control room. The girl looks at her hands and her scuffed wrists, then up at Kurama. ]

Kurama: Nana, I'm here to ask for help. ( SUB: Nana, I have a favor to ask. )


Act One

[ Back at her home, Yuka sits hunched over at her desk, still depressed about her earlier spat with Kouta. She sits up and brings a box closer to her on the desk, and lifts its top to reveal small papercraft animals, objects, and shapes. Gazing down at the paper objects, she thinks back to her and Kouta's childhood visit to a local festival. A young Yuka attempts to carve a bird out of a paper puzzle game, but her attempts are ruined as a split runs through the paper bird's back. ]

Child Yuka:  Ah, oh no, it cracked! ( SUB: Oh, it cracked! )

[ Kouta, younger as well, watches on. ]

Child Kouta: Oh, wow. You suck at this. ( SUB: Boy, you suck at this. )

[ Irritated with her cousin's words, Yuka turns toward him. ]

Child Yuka: Yeah? Let me see you do it. ( SUB: Then let me see you do it, Kohta! )

Child Kouta: Okay. ( SUB: Sure. )

[ Kouta takes to the puzzle game next, though his is of a cat. As Yuka watches, he carves out the cat shape with ease and finesse, not one split in the paper. ]

Child Kouta: There. I'm finished. ( SUB: Here you go. It's done! )

Child Yuka: It's so good. It's perfect. ( SUB: Wow... )

[ As Yuka remarks in awe at his winning the game, Kouta attempts to shrug it off as no big deal, even going so far as to sigh and massage his shoulder, despite doing a little victory motion to himself. ]

Child Kouta: Big deal. Anybody could do it. ( SUB: It's no big deal. There's nothing special about it. )

[ Spurred by his success, Yuka tries again at the game. She again chooses a bird puzzle and tries to cut it out perfectly, but just like before, she sends a split down the bird's back trying to cut it free of the puzzle. ]

Child Yuka: It cracked again!

Child Kouta: You're such a spazz. Get it right once, and I'll do whatever you tell me. ( SUB: That's too tough for you. If you can do it, I'll do whatever you want. )

[ Kouta smiles at her, and Yuka leans forward to poke and grind her finger into his cheek while he laughs. ]

Child Yuka: Don't act like you're so cool! ( SUB: You talk like you're so cool! )

[ Pulling her hand back from him, she balls it up into a fist and lightly shakes it, determination in her eyes and voice. ]

Child Yuka: Just you wait! Next time you see me, I'll be able to do it. No problem. Then you'll be sorry. ( SUB: Just you wait and see. By the next time we meet, I'll definitely be able to do it right. )

[ Kouta still smiles at her. ]

Child Kouta: Well, keep practicing, and I guess we'll see what happens. ( SUB: Well, do what you can and practice it, anyway. )

[ The children's voices continue over a still shot of the papercraft cutouts Yuka's succeeded in making over the years. ]

Child Yuka: And when I get it, you better believe I'll make you do whatever I say! I'm serious! ( SUB: If I can, I'm really gonna ask you to do whatever I want! It's a promise! )

Child Kouta: Don't worry, I'll remember. ( SUB: I'll remember it well. )

[ Yuka's hands reach into the box to pick up some of the cutouts. She lifts them up to study them more closely, then closes her hands, crinkling the paper, and holds her hands to her face as she sobs. Her tears fall through and land in the box, soaking into the paper cutouts within. ]

Yuka: I can't believe it. I'm so stupid. ( SUB: I'm stupid. )


[ Within the facility, Shirakawa and the assistant, identified by voice as Isobe, watch as Nana and Kurama talk further. ]

Nana: What'd you want me to do? I'll do anything you want. Just ask me, Papa! ( SUB: What do you want me to do? IF it's your wish, I'll do whatever you want me to. )

[ Shirakawa turns to the man beside her. ]

Shirakawa: Why does she call him "Papa?" Number Seven isn't really Chief Kurama's daughter, is she? ( SUB: What does she mean by "Papa"? She isn't really Chief Kurama's daughter, is she? )

[ As Shirakawa turns to watch Nana again, Isobe explains: ]

Isobe: Of course not. She's been locked in here since she was born. Her life has been spent enduring experiments worse than torture. To stay alive, she needed some kind of support, someone to convince her it all meant something. ( SUB: Of course not. She's been restrained in here since birth. She's been undergoing experiments almost like torture all this time. To live in that situation, she probably needed some sort of support. )

Shirakawa: And you're saying that support came from Chief Kurama? ( SUB: Then you mean that support was Chief Kurama? )

Isobe: She believed that Chief was a father, and she did everything she could to live up to his expectations. So far that's kept her alive. ( SUB: By believing that Chief was her father, and by trying to live up to that father's expectations, she's been able to bear things up until now. )

[ Shirakawa's face expresses both disbelief, pity, and perhaps even horror for the girl's circumstances. As Isobe continues on, Nana's face is shown. She's smiling brightly at her "Father" despite still covered in blood. ]

Isobe: Without something to strive for, she would've been insane long ago. Number Seven is remarkably obedient, and has never turned her vectors against humans. I suppose she's a unique case. ( SUB: Otherwise, I think she would have had a mental breakdown long ago. #7 has an obedient personality and has never turned her vectors toward humans, either. Well, she's a unique case. )


Kurama: There's a person I need to kill. ( SUB: I want you to kill one person. )

[ Nana gapes at him, processing what he's asked of her, but lowers her head so as not to meet his eyes. ]

Nana: I...I can't kill anyone. ( SUB: I can't kill a person. )

Kurama: The target is a Diclonius like you, Nana. ( SUB: The target is a Diclonius, just like you, Nana. )

Nana: What?!

[ She brings her head back up fast, eyes wide as he goes on. ]

Kurama: A Diclonius has escaped. Diclonius have a natural ability to sense each other. Only you would be able to find her. ( SUB: A Diclonius has escaped. Diclonius have an ability to sense each other. You should be able to find her. )

Nana: I think I can find her...but I could never kill her. ( SUB: I think I can do it, but I can't kill her. )

Kurama: Then just locate her. I'll arrange for you to contact me when you've found her. ( SUB: Then just confining her will do. I'll set it up so that you can contact me once you find her. )

Nana: Papa? ( SUB: Papa...)

[ Kurama lifts his head up and looks curious as to what more she could be wanting to ask. Nana's head is tilted downward again, and her hands are curled up on her knees. ]

Nana: Is this person...somebody that's making trouble for you? ( SUB: Is this person someone who causes you trouble? )

Kurama: Yes, and you're the only one who can help me. ( SUB: Yeah, I have no choice but to rely on you, Nana. )

[ Nana lifts her hands up to her face as she softly cries. Sobs rack her body, but she lifts her head to look upon him. ]

Nana: Really? Really?

[ Though there are still tears in her eyes, she's smiling again. She dips her head, seemingly to bow to him, before rising back up and grinning. ]

Nana: Then, I won't let you down! (SUB: Then, I'll try my best! )

[ The next shot shows Kurama entering the control room again. He waves his hand before placing it back by his side and opening the door to leave out into the hall. ]

Kurama: You have a day. Get her ready for combat. ( SUB: Please prepare for #7 to go out by tomorrow. )


[ Outside the Maple House's front gate and walls, a bird cries as it flies overhead. The sun has risen quite a ways, and its rays cast a soft yellow glow across the hilly landscape in the distance. Inside, Kouta holds up a thermometer with the mercury reaching up to 39 degrees Celsius; he's contracted a fever. ]

Kouta: Thirty-nine degrees? Aw, crap... ( SUB: 39 degrees. Darn. )

[ Nyu crouches near him, "nyu"ing in concern. Though his face is red from fever, Kouta smiles at her to try and dispel her worries. ]

Kouta: Don't worry, I'll be fine as long as I stay in bed. ( SUB: Don't worry. I'll be fine if I stay in bed. )

[ He closes his eyes as he turns his face more toward the ceiling than toward her. ]

Kouta: You should worry about putting on some underwear. ( SUB: Instead of worrying about that, please wear some underwear. )

Nyu: Nyu?

[ Sure enough, the next shot proves Nyu has indeed not grasped the concept of underwear, as she's still only wearing the shirt Kouta gave her the night before. He turns toward the window, curtains shining bright from the sunshine. Near the window, the table has been set up against the wall, and his shirt from the day before is hanging up to dry. ]

Kouta: It's morning already? I wonder what time it is. ( SUB: It's already morning? I wonder what time it is? )

[ The shot switches to another view of the broken grandfather clock in the hallway. Following that, Kouta lies on his futon, panting from his fever. Not knowing what to do, Nyu panics and mews in distress close by. ]

Kouta: Water...

Nyu: Nyu?

[ Nyu leans down on his futon, not quite understanding what he asks for. Kouta lifts his head to explain better since perhaps she didn't hear him right. ]

Kouta: Do you think you could bring me some water? ( SUB: Would you bring me some water? )

Nyu: Nyu?

Kouta: I said water, okay? Ah, no idea what I'm saying. (SUB: I said water. Water... Just as I thought, she doesn't understand. )

[ As he lies back in defeat, Nyu sounds out the word he's been trying to get across to her. ]

Nyu: Wa...ter?

Kouta: Ah, right. Do you think you could get me some water? ( SUB: Right. Would you bring some water here? )

[ He sits up to point at the door behind her. Nyu leans upright, fists clenched, and nods. ]

Nyu: Nyu!

[ Nyu dashes out of the room and runs first to the left, then to the right in the hallway. Kouta sits upward to try and better see what she's doing, as there are sounds of her bumping into things and things clattering to the floor outside. When she returns, Nyu sits down next to him and confidently holds out a yellow slipper. ]

Nyu: Nyu!

[ It isn't what he asked for, but Kouta smiles anyway. She doesn't understand, and he knows it can't be helped. ]

Kouta: Thank you for trying. Anyway, it's the thought that counts, right? ( SUB: Thanks. I appreciate the thought, anyway. )


[ Outside, Yuka stands in front of the front door of the house with a bag in hand. Judging from the look on her face, she's debating going inside, and she regrets the fight she had with Kouta the night before. She sets the bag down in front of the door and turns to walk away. She makes it a few steps away from the door before Nyu opens it and looks around frantically for someone to help. Her eyes fall on Yuka, but Yuka doesn't turn around. She believes it's Kouta who's come to the door, and she hunches up her shoulders defensively. ]

Yuka: Uh, It's not like I came to see you, Kouta. I just brought some clothes for Nyu. ( SUB: It's not that I came to see you, Kohta! I just brought some clothes for Nyu... )

[ Disregarding Yuka's words, Nyu runs up and grabs her arm. She tugs on her to try and lead her back to the house. ]

Nyu: Water! Water!

Yuka: What's the matter?

[ Inside the house, Yuka soaks a cloth compress in cold water and squeezes most of the water out of it before laying it across Kouta's forehead. ]

Yuka: You're really sick. You should go to the hospital. ( SUB: Shouldn't you go to a hospital? )

Kouta: Please, I'm not going to a hospital. ( SUB: No, I'm not going to a hospital. )

Yuka: Kouta...

[ Yuka looks on in sympathy as he lies there, then turns her attention to the side. In her previous attempts to find water, Nyu's brought a mismatched collection of items to the room, from video tapes to tissue boxes to rolls of paper towels and more. ]

Yuka: What's all that stuff? Were you unpacking or something? ( SUB: In any case, what are those? Some kind of charm? )

[ Kouta looks up at Yuka, and as he calls for her, she leans in over him. ]

Kouta: Yuka...

Yuka: Huh?

Kouta: Yesterday you were talking about the festival. ( SUB: You were talking about the festival yesterday, right? )

[ She closes her eyes and tilts her head down, still feeling bad for having yelled at him before. ]

Yuka: Don't worry about it. ( SUB: It doesn't really matter any more. )

[ He's looking up at the ceiling as he tries to recall the past, though his memories clearly aren't coming to him like they should. ]

Kouta: You know, I don't remember much about it. Not long after the last time we said good-bye, things got kind of tough for me. Only a few days after I left, my dad died in a car accident. ( SUB: I don't remember much about that festival day, the day I said goodbye to you for the last time. Just around that time my dad died in a car accident. )

[ Yuka's eyes widen at this bit of information. ]

Yuka: What?

Kouta: And then Kanae started getting sick. It was just one terrible thing after another. I wonder if that's the reason. ( SUB: And Kanae got sick. There were a series of shocking events, so... I wonder if that's the reason. )

[ The more he talks, Yuka leans downward until her face hidden by her hair and she's hunched over her lap. ]

Kouta: Huh? What's wrong? ( SUB: What's the matter?)

Yuka: But that day... you, your dad, and little Kanae were on the train. I stood there and watched you guys get on. ( SUB: But on that day both uncle and Kanae were on the train you took home.)

Kouta: What? I can't hear what you're saying. ( Sub: What? I can't hear you very well. )

[ She turns her head away, then slowly gets up with the water basin in her hands. ]

Yuka: It's nothing. I'm not saying anything. ( SUB: Nothing. It's nothing. )

Kouta: Yuka?

Nyu: Nyu?

Yuka: I'll get some fresh water. ( SUB: I'll got and change the water. )

[ While Nyu and Kouta look after her, Yuka leaves the room. Out by the backyard, a single cherry blossom petal falls into the inside step. Yuka stands looking down into the sink near the walkway. As she realizes what he's told her and what it means, she's trying not to cry, but sobs still leave her body shaking. ]

Yuka: I get it now. Kouta doesn't remember anything about that day. That's why... ( SUB: I see. Kohta doesn't remember anything about that day. That's why... )

[ As she cries, the water basin overflows with water. ]


Act Two

[ In an operating room, Bando lies flailing on the operating table while Kurama stands beside him, calm as can be. Bando's wounds have already been tended to, which his severed arm, broken arm, and ruined eyes bandaged up. ]

Bando: Don't give me that crap! You think I'm gonna let you castrate me, you stupid fuck?! Haven't I had enough cut off already?! ( SUB: Don't give me that bullshit! Who'd take castration surgery, you dumbass! You think I'm some cat in heat? )

Kurama: I do sympathize, but without this operation, you're going to die on that table. ( SUB: I sympathize, but if you don't like it, you'll have to die here. )

[ Bando sits up, furious, and turns this way and that to find Kurama. ]

Bando: What are you telling me? I almost died once already, now you're giving me this shit? ( SUB: What'd you say?! I barely came back with my life and now you're giving me this shit?! )

Kurama: The fate of mankind depends on it. ( SUB: If we don't do it, mankind will be destroyed. )

[ Stupefied by the answer he's been given, it takes a moment for the blinded soldier to respond. He jerks his arms as he resumes his flailing on the table, and the motion sends his IV to the ground where it shatters. ]

Bando: Are you freaking retarded?! What does the fate of my balls have to do with the fate of mankind?! No, first tell me. Who was that bitch with the horns? And what are those hands?! ( SUB: Are you retarded?! What do my balls have to do with the fall of mankind?! And first off, just who in the hell is that horned bitch?! What are those hands? )

[ Suddenly, Bando goes still and quiet as he sits up. ]

Bando: Tell me...that girl. What was she? How did she beat me? ( SUB: Tell me. What the hell did I lose against? )

[ Kurama turns and walks behind Bando to the screens on the wall designated for showing X-Ray footage. ]

Kurama: We call her kind the Diclonius. ( SUB: We call them Diclonius. )

Bando: Diclo...?

Kurama: A genetically altered human. A mutant. ( SUB: A human in a mutated form. A mutant. )

Bando: She was human? ( SUB: A human? That bitch is? )

[ The lights go out, and the X-Ray screens in front of Kurama light up. The photos they show are different shots of a Diclonius individual's skeleton, identifiable by the horns present in the photos of the skull. Judging by the pelvis, the individual, like all other Diclonii shown thus far, is female. ]

Kurama: As you know, the mutation is marked by a pair of protrusions growing from the skull, but the crucial mutation is...those extra hands you encountered. ( SUB: The characteristics are, as you know, a pair of protrusions that are sticking out from the temporal area. And what's the most crucial is that they don't just have two hands. )

Bando: You're kidding, right? Or are you saying they're born equipped with those insane freakin' weapons? ( SUB: You gotta be kiddin' me. So are you saying that they're equipped with those crazy weapons from birth? )

Kurama: Those were her vectors, or receptors depending on the context. We don't know much about how vectors develop yet. We know they possess extraordinary speed. They vibrate at such a high frequency that they can cut through objects, but we don't believe that they're intended primarily to function as weapons. ( SUB: Those are vectors, also called receptors, and a detailed analysis of them hasn't been done yet. They show abnormal abilities such as rapid movement and the ability to cut using high frequency micro-vibration. But essentially, they aren't weapons and have another purpose. )

Bando: What? ( SUB: Huh? )

Kurama: In the past, individuals with this genetic abnormality died in infancy or could not reproduce. Your target has proven herself to be exceptionally adaptable. Once she started developing, we expected certain things of her. Environmental acclimation, the mastery of her vectors, but now...she's found a way to reproduce. Although, it's very different from the normal human methods. ( SUB: Commonly, an individual born with this kind of abnormal gene either dies right after birth or dies off within one generation. But she alone doesn't have any problem with her adaptability to the environment and reproductive ability. And it's also possible for her to reproduce in a different way than normal human beings. )

Bando: What are you tellin' me? ( SUB: What do you mean? )

[ Kurama walks over to Bando's side again before answering. ]

Kurama: She uses her vectors to spread a kind of genetic infection. ( SUB: Her gene infects humans through those vectors. )

Bando: What? I was... ( SUB: What?! Then I was... )

Kurama: You see, her genetic future depends entirely on...the end of mankind as we know it. ( SUB: She will, in order to evolve mankind, destroy all of mankind that currently exists. )

[ Faced with both the nature of his infection and what it means in regards to humanity at large, Bando trembles and a bea of sweat slides down his face. ]


[ Kouta rouses from his sleep and blushes profusely as he finds Yuka kneeling next to him. She's been watching him presumably for any discomfort from his fever while he sleeps. ]

Yuka: Feeling better? ( SUB: How are you feeling? )

Kouta: Oh, well, I think I'm feeling much better. ( SUB: Oh, well, I seem to be all right. )

[ As Kouta sits up, Yuka leans forward and presses her forehead to his to check on his temperature, which aggravates his blushing even more. ]

Yuka: It looks like your fever's all gone. ( SUB: Looks like your fever's gone. )

Kouta: Where's Nyu?

[ Yuka sits back and looks off to the side. Kouta follows her gaze to see Nyu standing in another part of the room, dressed up in the clothes Yuka brought her. The green, Jester's cap kind of hat clashes with the pink, red, and yellow of her shirts and skirt, but otherwise hides her horns from view. Nyu doesn't seem to mind it, as she's smiling and mewing contently. ]

Yuka: I dressed her up in some of my clothes. ( SUB: I put some of my clothes on her. )

[ While Kouta chuckles, Yuka looks back to him. ]

Yuka: And what are you gonna do about Nyu? Do you think we should call the police? ( SUB: And what are you going to do with her? Should we contact the police after all? )

Kouta: What, we can't do that! ( SUB: We can't do that! )

Yuka: Kouta?

[ He holds his hands up in a placating manner. ]

Kouta: Well, look. All I am trying to say is, if she wants to stay here, it doesn't seem right to force her to leave. I mean, it'd be rude, you know? ( SUB: Oh, no, well, in any case, if she says she wants to stay here, I thought I shouldn't force her out. )

Yuka: Really? ( SUB: Really... )

Kouta: Uh, but, th-there's definitely nothing weird going on, okay? ( SUB: But I'll tell you one thing. I wasn't thinking anything weird. )

[ Yuka looks a bit suspicious anyway and glances at Nyu. ]

Yuka: Here's the thing, I've been doing a lot of thinking about this. ( SUB: Look. I've thought about a lot of things. )

Kouta: Hm?

Yuka: And I don't think it's really a good idea for you and Nyu to live here all by yourselves. ( SUB: I don't think it's good for you and Nyu to live alone, after all. )

[ Kouta looks away from her gaze. ]

Kouta: Yeah, well, but, like I said... ( SUB: Yeah, well, that's... )

Yuka: So I've decided to live here too. I'm moving in. ( SUB: So I decided to live here too. )

Kouta: Huh?! ( SUB: What?! )

[ Yuka gives a sheepish little smile, trying to be patient with his reluctance. Nyu watches the two from the doorway, still smiling benignly. ]

Yuka: Besides, you've got plenty of room. ( SUB: Besides, there're lots of rooms. )


Act Three

[ A helicopter sits on the landing pad near a building atop the island where the Diclonius Research Institute is based. A trio of figures stand out in front of the helicopter: Nana, Kurama, and Shirakawa. Nana is ecstatic at her new clothes and twirls around in them. ]

Nana: I've never worn this kind of dress! Papa, does it look good on me? Does it? ( SUB: I've never worn this kind of dress before! Papa, does it look good on me? Does it? )

Kurama: Nana, I'm counting on you.

[ Giggling, Nana runs up in front of Kurama. ]

Nana: I know! I'll do my best for you, Papa. And all I want is a pat on my head if I do a good job! ( SUB: I'll try my best for you, so if I do a good job, please pat me on my head. )

Kurama: Of course. But if you think the job is too hard, I want you to stop the mission immediately. Be sure to come back. ( SUB: Sure. If you think it's impossible, you can run away immediately. So be sure to come back. )

Nana: Papa, I've got a favor to ask you. ( SUB: Listen, Papa. I have a favor to ask. )

[ Though she was nodding and grinning a moment ago, Nana suddenly looks pensive and hesitates to ask. Kurama appears curious by what she could be asking for, but we don't see what it is she asks. The next shot shows the helicopter blades begin to spin, and it soon takes off into the air. ]

Shirakawa: So, Lucy...if she's still in Kamakura, Number Seven should have no trouble finding her, but Number Seven has no chance of defeating Lucy in combat. ( SUB: If Lucy's still in Kamakura, #7 should be able to find her. But #7 has no chance of beating Lucy. )

Kurama: No matter. Her death may save lives we'd lose in a random search. ( SUB: We can't act randomly any longer, causing more deaths. )


[ In the Maple House, the view of the hallway moves to a closeup of Yuka's room, which is identifiable from a small placard with her name written on it in English hanging on the door. In her new room, Yuka is unpacking when a thought strikes her, and she looks into a wicker box to see her clothes, a small pink clock, and a wooden music box. ]

Yuka: Oh, that's right. ( SUB: Oh, yeah... )

[ Out in the main hallway, next to the grandfather clock, Kouta scrubs the hardwood floor, but not without grunts and groans here and there. Nyu watches him, curious. ]

Kouta: Yuka's such a slave driver, isn't she? I'm still a little sick, but she doesn't care. ( SUB: Yuka's such a slave driver, isn't she? She doesn't care that I'm still recuperating. )

[ Despite his complaining, he adopts a tiny smile and blushes. ]

Kouta: But you know, living with a girl, it could be kind of cool. ( SUB: But living with a girl, maybe it sounds kinda fun. )

Yuka: Kouta?

[ Kouta jumps and cautiously looks back to Yuka, who's sitting nearby and looking unimpressed. ]

Yuka: What were you fantasizing about, huh? ( SUB: Are you wishing for some weird stuff to happen? )

Kouta: Nothing! I wasn't thinking anything. ( SUB: No, not at all! )

[ Kouta slides away a foot or so and pretends to be deeply engrossed in the cleaning. Yuka still looks unimpressed with him, but Nyu crawls over to her and makes hand motions to show she wants to help wipe the floors too. Yuka can't help but smile at her. ]

Yuka: You want to help us clean? Is that it, Nyu? ( SUB: You want to help clean too, Nyu? )

[ Nyu sits up straighter and nods emphatically. ]

Nyu: Nyu!

Yuka: Then you just wait right here. I'll go get you a rag. ( SUB: Then wait here. I'll go and get a cleaning rag for you. )

[ Yuka sets the music box down near the blue vase close by and steps out of the hall to fetch a washcloth for Nyu to use. AS she leaves, Nyu looks back over to where Kouta is washing the floor and trails over to him to continue watching. ]

Kouta: Huh? You're getting your own. Yuka's going to bring you one. ( SUB: Yuka's bringing you another cleaning rag for you, so... )

[ Nyu turns as he continues his work, which leaves his elbow bumping into her chest. Nyu yelps from the sudden touch to her breast, and both she and Kouta jump back away from each other. ]

Kouta: Shoot! I'm sorry. ( SUB: Sorry! )

[ Though she's blushing hard, Nyu reaches out for Kouta's hand and takes hold of it. ]

Kouta: What? What are you doing? ( SUB: What? What is it? )

[ As Kouta looks down at his hand, he's surprised to find Nyu pushing it against her breast and making very insistent "nyu"ing noises. She goes so far as to lean against him and move so his hand keeps rubbing her breast. Kouta sits there, shocked and stupefied at the situation, cheeks bright red. ]

Kouta: You want me to squeeze it? ( SUB: You mean you want me to move my hand? )

[ He squeezes her breast, resulting in her yelping again. ]

Kouta: I wonder who would've taught her to do this. ( SUB: I wonder if I taught her something weird. )

Yuka: Well, well. A love affair. Isn't that just terrific. ( SUB: Oh my... Just what kind of love affair is this? )

[ Eyes wide and panicked, Kouta goes stock still. ]

Kouta: It wasn't me, I swear! Nyu started it! ( SUB: Well, it's because Nyu was... )

[ As the view changes over to the view of white and lavender lilies in a blue vase on a side table in another hallway, a slap echoes and there's the sound of birds flying away outside. In the next shot, Yuka is in the foyer putting on her shoes and picking up a bag, with Kouta standing nearby. The side of Kouta's face is bright red from her handprint. ]

Yuka: I'm going shopping.

[ He sighs. ]

Kouta: Glad she didn't punch me. ( SUB: I'm glad she didn't use her fist. )

[ Yuka opens the door to leave, but not without turning around again to give Kouta an impatient look. ]

Yuka: Try keeping your hands off Nyu. Okay? ( SUB: Don't do anything funny to Nyu. )

Kouta: O-Of course. ( SUB: I won't! )

[ Yuka closes the door behind her, leaving Kouta alone. ]


Act Four

[ As Yuka walks away form the stairs leading to the Maple House, the young girl in the sweater from before arrives with her dog attached to a leash. She has the umbrella from that night on the beach. ]

Mayu: I'm sure the place is around here. ( SUB: I'm pretty sure they said that it was around here. )

[ She glances down at the umbrella to check the name of the house, with the kanji for KAEDE HOUSE written on the handle. Her dog begins barking, and they continue up the stairs until they reach the front gate of the house. ]

Mayu: Is this it? ( SUB: I wonder if that's the one. )

[ Mayu goes into the front walkway and to the front door, opening it and peering into the foyer. ]

Mayu: Hello? ( SUB: Excuse me? )

[ Nyu comes up to the foyer, her head tilted. ]

Nyu: Nyu?

Mayu: Excuse me, sorry to bother you. The thing the beach... ( SUB: Excuse me. Umm... )

[ Kouta comes up to the foyer, having heard voices. ]

Kouta: What is it? What did you forget? ( SUB: What is it? Did you forget something? )

Mayu: Well, you see, I found an umbrella. And the name of this restaurant was written on the handle. ( SUB: Well, I found this umbrella and this restaurant's name was written on it, so... )

Kouta: Oh, thanks for bringing it back. ( SUB: Oh, thank you for bringing it all this way. )

[ Kouta goes to take the umbrella back from her at the door. ]

Mayu: The thing is, I found it at Yuigahama the night before last. ( SUB: I found it at Yuigahama the night before last. )

Kouta: The night before last?!

Mayu: Um, yes. ( SUB: Yes... )

[ Kouta leans forward suddenly, and the urgency in his tone has Mayu flinching back away from him. ]

Kouta: Do you remember seeing anyone that night?! ( SUB: Wasn't there someone there then?! )

Mayu: Well, there was this man who looked like a soldier. ( SUB: Well, someone who looked like a soldier was. )

[ Kouta's eyes widen. ]

Kouta: Hey, I'd really like to ask you some questions about what you saw that night. ( SUB: Hey, would you tell me about it in a little more detail? )

Mayu: What?

[ Outside the house's gate, Mayu's dog Wanta naps next to the drainage pipe going down from the wall. Yuka returns from shopping and looks surprised to see a dog there. More puzzling are the shoes she sees inside in the front steps of the entry hall. ]

Yuka: Who's here?

[ As she goes to the side room, Yuka bears an uneasy, disbelieving smile as she sees another young girl sitting at the table. ]

Yuka: Another girl? ( SUB: And there's one more girl. )

Kouta: Yuka! This girl, she was there that night. She saw everything that happened! ( SUB: Yuka, there was a girl who saw what happened that night. )

Yuka: What night is that? ( SUB: That night? )

[ In the hallway, Nyu cheerfully goes about washing the floor with the washcloth, although she's cleaning the same spots Kouta has already taken care of. She pauses as she catches sight of the music box. She picks it up and begins toying with it to figure out what it is, and stands up, completely forgetting her chore.

In the side room, Kouta angrily bangs his fists down against the table, startling Yuka and Mayu. ]

Kouta: Just like I always thought! That detective at the hospital, he knew about the soldier all along! ( SUB: Just as I thought. The detective who came to see me at the hospital also knew about the soldier, and... )

Yuka: You were attacked by a soldier? What? Why didn't you tell me? ( SUB: You were attacked by a solider. I didn't know any stuff like that. ) The misspelling of "soldier" is not a typo; it is present in ADV's subtitles.

[ While the others talk, Nyu is busy looking at the music box and steps forward, forgetting she left the wet rag on the floor. She yelps as she falls to the ground with a loud thud, and the noise draws the concern of everyone in the room nearby. ]

Kouta: ( SUB: What was that? )

[ The three immediately go out to check on her, and as Nyu lies on the floor, the music from the music box has started to play. Slowly Nyu sits up and holds a hand on her head. ]

Kouta: Oh, no. The water spilled all over the place. Nyu, are you all right? What happened? Did you hurt yourself? ( Oh, man. There's water all over. Nyu, what's the matter? Did you hurt yourself? )

[ Yuka and Mayu join Kouta where he stands in the hall. ]

Yuka: What's up? ( SUB: What was that? )

Kouta: She scared me. ( SUB: Don't scare me. )

[ Nyu slowly stands up, but unbeknownst to the people behind her, the look on her face shows it's not Nyu at all. Lucy has woken up, and glares out from under her hair. ]

Kouta: That music... ( SUB: This music... )

Yuka: She dropped the music box. ( SUB: Oh, I'd forgotten about it! )

[ Lucy turns around toward the others, and her vectors rush out to tear them limb from limb. As Kouta turns back toward, her, however, she has a vision of his child self, tears streaming down his face, screaming "No! Please, stop!" ( SUB: Please stop it now! ) at her. Shocked, her vectors freeze in the air, then slowly pull back toward her. Yuka moves around Kouta to fetch the music box from the floor. ]

Lucy: Kouta...

[ Lucy turns her head away in shame, then turns to leave down the hall. She actually leaves the house based on the sound of the sliding door shutting. Kouta goes after her, stopping by the stairs. ]

Kouta: Hey, Nyu? Ah, I really hope she's okay. ( SUB: Hey, Nyu! What's wrong with her? )

Yuka: Kouta, remember? Remember the song? ( SUB: Kohta, do you remember this? )

[ Yuka brings the music box up to Kouta, handing it to him. Kouta turns the music box around in his hands and stares at it. ]

Kouta: Let's see. ( SUB: Let me see. )

[ Yuka looks on, hopeful that the box will jog his memory, and Mayu comes closer to peer at it too. ]

Mayu: The melody is beautiful. ( SUB: It's a beautiful melody. )

[ Kouta closes the music box, ending its song mid-note. ]

Yuka: I've been meaning to give this to you.

Kouta: To me?

Yuka: You left it at my house the last time you were here. ( SUB: You forgot it at my house. )

Kouta: I left it? ( SUB: I did? )

[ Kouta looks incredulously at the music box, as it doesn't ring any bells with him. ]

Yuka: Don't you remember? ( SUB: You don't remember? )

Kouta: I think I kind of remember. ( SUB: Well, I remember, sort of... )

[ He glances at Yuka directly, and she bears a saddened, worried look on her face. Mayu looks from Kouta to Yuka, then blinks as Wanta begins barking outside. ]

Yuka: The dog out there, is it yours? ( SUB: Is that dog yours? )

Mayu: Ah, yeah. He's more of a friend, I guess. ( SUB: Yes, he's my friend. )

Yuka: He's your friend? ( SUB: Your friend? )

Mayu: [ blushing ] I don't actually own him, but we're always together. So, I guess we're friends? ( SUB: Well, it's not like I own him, but since we're always together, we're friends. )

[ Wanta continues barking as Lucy steps out of the front gate. She pauses to consider the dog, staring down at him. After a moment, her vectors slide through the air with a loud sound of rushing air. Wanta's barking stops, unable to be heard from inside where the others continue talking. ]

Yuka: Looks like Nyu's taking a walk. ( SUB: Looks like Nyu went out. )

Kouta: She didn't have a problem finding this place last time. I'm sure she'll be fine. Besides, her horns are covered up. ( SUB: Since she came back from the beach all right the other day, I think she'll be fine. Also, her horns are covered up, so... )

Mayu: What? Horns? ( SUB: Horns? )

Yuka: [ chuckling nervously ] I bet he means hair! ( SUB: No, it's nothing. )

[ Mayu goes to the front steps to get her shoes, but stops to bow to Yuka beforehand. ]

Mayu: Okay. Guess I'll be leaving. ( SUB: Well, then, I'll be leaving. )

Kouta: Oh, wait a second. You didn't tell us your name. ( SUB: Hold on a second! What's your name? )

Mayu: [ blushing ] Oh, yeah. It's Mayu. ( SUB: Um...I'm Mayu. )

Kouta: Would you mind if I could get your address or something? Maybe somewhere to find you? Just in case I think of any questions I forgot to ask. ( SUB: If you don't mind, would you tell me your address or a place where I can find you, since there may be more things that I'd like to ask you? )

Mayu: Well, uh, I, um... ( SUB: )

[ Mayu holds her hand by her mouth, unsure how to answer. Kouta and Yuka await an answer, but she doesn't give one up. ]

Mayu: I gotta go. ( SUB: Pardon me. )

[ Mayu takes her shoes and hurries outside, leaving Yuka and Kouta to look at one another in wonder. Outside the gate, Mayu looks on in shock at where Wanta once was. His leash has been cut, and the dog is nowhere to be seen. ]

Mayu: Oh no! Oh no, Wanta! ( SUB: Oh no... No, Wanta! )

[ The girl continues to cry out for the dog in a panic, but the barking dog soon comes running to her after hearing her voice. She picks him up, and as she's washed over with relief, the dog licks her cheek. ]

Mayu: Wanta! I'm so glad! I thought even you left me this time. ( SUB: Wanta! I'm glad. I thought even you had left me. )

[ Mayu looks back down to the cut leash. ]

Mayu: Wanta, you promise you aren't gonna leave me or anything? ( SUB: Wanta, you won't leave me or anything, right? )

[ Her puppy barks in answer, and she continues staring down the pathway. ]


[ Within the house, Yuka and Kouta wait in the side room that looks out into the back garden. There's a small meal in front of Kouta, suggesting the two started to have lunch while waiting for Nyu to return. ]

Kouta: Nyu's been gone a while. ( SUB: Nyu's late. )

[ Yuka doesn't reply. She's not even sitting in a chair, but is instead on the floor with the music box in front of her feet. ]

Kouta: Wait here, I'm gonna go check on her. ( SUB: Shall I go and check on her? )

[ Again she doesn't reply, leaving him puzzled. ]

Kouta: What's wrong now? ( SUB: What's the matter? )

Yuka: Always...I'd always meant to give you this when you came back. I kept it for you. ( SUB: Always...I'd always been meaning to give this back to you next time you came. )

[ Kouta doesn't seem to grasp the gravity of the situation, as he continues to look around the room and act antsy. ]

Kouta: Oh, I see. Thanks. Well, anyway, we should check on Nyu. ( SUB: Oh, I see... In any case, Nyu's... )

Yuka: So, have you forgotten everything? ( SUB: So you've forgotten everything. )

Kouta: What?

Yuka: Hey, Kouta...

Kouta: Yeah, what is it? ( SUB: What is it? )

Yuka: Do you think about...touching my breasts too? ( SUB: Do you think about fondling my breasts? )

Kouta: Huh?

[ Kouta's taken aback by such a question, a blush staining his face. ]



[ Nana stands at the top of the stairs near the cemetery, and in her hands is Kurama's purple tie. ]

Nana: Papa, I've got a favor to ask you. ( SUB: I have a favor to ask, Papa. )

[ A quick flashback shows Nana holding Kurama's tie as it hangs from his collar. ]

Nana: Can I have this string from around your neck? I've always wanted it ever since I saw it. ( SUB: Papa, please give this string to me. I've always wanted this. )

[ Kurama acquiesces to her wish and loosens his tie so he can give it to her. In glee, Nana smiles brightly up at him. ]

Nana: Yay! Thank you, Papa! I'm going to make you so proud! ( SUB: Thank you! I'll do my best! )

[ In the present, Nana wraps the tie around her head into a makeshift ribbon to hide her horns. Further down the steps, Lucy sits looking out at the ocean visible from her seat. Footsteps sound as Nana descends the steps toward her, a bag in her hands, but Lucy shows no sign of acknowledgement. ]

Nana: Excuse me. Of course you knew I was coming, and I knew that you'd know. I'm going to go home, and you're going to come with me. ( Sub: Excuse me... Of course, you knew I was coming, didn't you? I'm going home, and you're coming with me. )


Next Episode Preview

[ Lucy looks back at Nana, whom she throws violently to the side of a stone wall with her vectors. Mannequins stand against a black background, and in a tunnel, a forlorn Yuka mutters to herself in the shadows. ]

Narrator: It became a place without reason or meaning. ( SUB: Reasons and meanings were not necessary there. )

[ Nana, blood running from her lip, shouts at Lucy and hurls her vectors at her. Lucy attempts to jump away, but is struck by Nana's vectors. Kouta approaches Yuka, but she punches him and sends him to the floor. On top of a bed of flowers rests a photo of Kanae and her and Kouta's father, and a young Yuka looks around in confusion. ]

Narrator: Only the inevitable strife of a species born to bite and tear itself to pieces. ( SUB: What existed there was the inevitability of a species biting and tearing into each other. )

[ Wanta sits by Mayu's feet, wagging his tail, as Mayu speaks with a woman behind the counter of a bakery. In the cemetery, Lucy holds a vector as it clutches her neck. Nana looks up, angry, and Kurama turns around swiftly. Lucy smirks, and Nana's fingers are sliced off in slow motion before her own eyes. ]

Narrator: A mortifying banquet of blood and tears held at the peaceful sanctuary of resting souls. ( SUB: A shocking banquet staged with blood and tears that will be held at the peaceful sanctuary of souls. )

[ Lucy's face looks down, calm and cold in her cruelty. ]

Narrator: On the next Elfen Lied, Episode Four: Attack. ( SUB: Next Elfen Lied, Episode Four. "Attack" )

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