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Elfen Lied Episode 2: Annihilation ~ Vernichtung


[ It's raining on the beach, and the opening shot shows a ruined fence with trash and debris thrown about. What were once fishing huts are also lined with garbage, unused for some time. Inside a makeshift shelter constructed from plastic crates, wooden beams, and tarps a young girl sits curled up with a small dog in her lap. The girl wears a yellow sweater but not much else, leaving one to wonder how she stays warm in the cold brought by the rain. ]

Mayu: I guess we're both hungry, huh?  ( SUB: We're both hungry, huh? )

[ She looks up, and the sound of a helicopter grows louder. The helicopter in question is a military transport, and carries within it Bando and the rest of the soldiers from the last episode. Their leader once more goes over their mission. ]

Chief: Listen up! Our target has an unidentified weapon with a two-meter effective lethal range. ( SUB: Listen up. Our target has an unidentified weapon with a two meter radius. )

Bando: [ leaning forward ] Unidentified...meaning what?  ( SUB : Unidentified? What the hell's that mean? )

Chief: The specifics are unknown.  ( SUB: Its specifics are unknown. )

Bando: Right.  ( SUB : Man... )


Bando leans backward, apparently already bored with the conversation. Though he's visibly dissatisfied with Bando's behavior, the chief continues the briefing. ]

Chief: The police have already scrambled. They're searching the city now. ( SUB: The police are already working on searching the city. )

[ Bando takes the time to yawn loudly, further exemplifying his boredom. ]

Chief: Once we receive her location, we'll immediately head to the site. ( SUB: Once we receive the information, we'll immediately head to the site. )

[ Gathering his gun, Bando stands up and moves toward the back of the helicopter. While the other SAT team members look on in surprise, their Chief is understandably perturbed at this insubordination. ]

Chief: Bando! ( SUB: Bandoh! )

Bando: Later, Chief! ( SUB : That's stupid. )

[ Bando opens the landing door, bringing in a flurry of pelting rain and wind into the helicopter. While the others try to shield their eyes from the wind and rain, Bando is unconcerned for the weather or the chance he'll fall out of the vehicle. ]

Chief: What're you doing?!

Bando: If this target is so dangerous we can shoot without warning, well then, looks like it's hunt or be hunted. I know how it goes! Drop me off already. ( SUB: This target is someone we can shoot without warning, right? Then it's hunt or be hunted. It's one or the other! Hurry up and drop me off! )

[ On the beach, Nyu's hand sifts through the wet sand as the tide comes and goes. She's soaking wet from the rain and the tide, and a small wave almost knocks her over. She looks upward, distraught, as rain continues to sprinkle down on her head. ]

Act One

[ Back at the Maple House, the rain is coming down just as hard as it is on the beach. The view of the outer gate gives way to an inside view of Kouta, who sits alone in the side room, staring at the shell Nyu broke as it lies on the table. He gets up and goes to the hallway, lingering there in the door, before heading out toward the grandfather clock. He stops in front of the clock to check the time, but the clock's hands don't move. ]

Kouta: Oh. That's right. ( SUB: Oh, right... )

[ As he watches the clock, Yuka's words come back to him. ]

Yuka: I think…she understood. She knew the seashell made you sad. ( SUB: Since you looked sad she might have thought the seashell was bad. )

[ He sighs, and a knock sounds at the front door. Thinking it's Yuka returning with Nyu, he smiles and runs to the door to open it. ]

Kouta: Hey, quit fooling around! Come on! You know it's not lock—huh? ( SUB : What're you doing? It's not locked. )

[ Instead of Yuka and Nyu, the figures at the door are two older gentlemen, one middle-aged and the other gray-haired. The older of the two is Detective A, and Detective B is the younger. ]

Detective A: For some reason, I always thought this place was vacant. ( SUB : I thought this was a vacant house. )

[ The younger of the men pokes his head in the door as if looking for something. Though appearing bothered by it, Kouta doesn't protest and instead answers Detective A. ]

Kouta: …Yeah, I, uh, moved in here today. Can I help you? ( SUB : I moved in here today. Excuse me, but... )

[ The detective who looked into the house stands back and holds up his badge. ]

Detective B: We're the police.

Detective A: If you'll cooperate for a minute, we need your help with our investigation. ( SUB: We'd like you to take a moment to cooperate with our investigation. )

Kouta: [ curious ] Why's that? Did something happen? ( SUB: Did something happen? )

[ Detective A holds out a photo. The girl is unquestionably Nyu as far as Kouta's concerned, but her face is much harsher, colder, angrier. ]

Detective A: You seen a girl around? She looks like this. ( SUB: Have you seen a girl like this? )

[ Kouta's suspicious of what they could intend for Nyu but doesn't give out an answer right away. ]

Kouta: Why do you ask? Did she do something wrong? ( SUB: Did she do something? )

Detective B: Hey! Why don't you leave the questioning to us? So have you seen her? Or haven't you? ( SUB: Hey! We're the ones asking the questions! Have you seen her or not? )

[ The younger detective is clearly agitated by Kouta's questioning, much to the latter's disdain. His older partner brushes it off and attempts to clear the air by keeping a friendlier demeanor. ]

Detective A: It's alright. She's just a missing person, after all. ( SUB: Cool it. She's just a missing person. )

Kouta: Missing…person? ( SUB: Missing... )

[ He takes a few good seconds to respond. ]

Kouta: ...I don't know her.

[ Whether or not they buy his answer isn't clear. The older detective accepts the answer without a fuss, and his partner goes back to looking around. ]

Detective A: I see. If you happen to run into her, would you please contact the police? Thanks for your help. Let's go. ( SUB: I see. If you see her, could you contact the police? Thanks. Let's go. )

Detective B: Right. ( SUB: Okay. )

[ Kouta watches the men depart, and only after they've closed the outer gate does he retrieve an umbrella with every intention of going out to find Yuka and Nyu. He stops mid-stride as a thought strikes him. ]

Kouta: Oh! Should I lock the door? ( SUB: Oh, I didn't lock the door. )

[ After a moment of deliberating, he decides to forgo locking the door and runs out the front gate. ]


Act Two

[ On the shores of Yuigahama, Bando and Satou are on the prowl. They're decked out in their full gear, armor, helmets, vests, guns and all. Bando takes point while Satou uses the walkie-talkie to update HQ on their status. ]

Satou: This is Satou from Bando Team. We've arrived at Yuigahama. We're continuing the search. ( SUB: This is Satoh from Bandoh Group. We've arrived at Yuighama. We'll continue the search.

[ Satou ceases communications and returns to holding his gun. ]

Satou: We've only been authorized to search the coastlines. We're supposed to stay away from populated areas. ( SUB: We're only authorized to search the coastlines. Please don't go to where people are around. )

Bando: That's up to our enemy.

[ As the two prowl the beach, they come across all manner of trash and driftwood. Lights are visible in the distance, but they're heavily dimmed by the rain. ]

Satou: They said that she uses some kind of special weapon, but what do you think it is? How am I supposed to defend myself, if it's a weapon we don't know anything about? ( SUB:  They said that our enemy carries a special weapon, but what do you think it is? I don't know how to handle it if it's a weapon we don't know anything about. )

[ Bando whirls on him, growling furiously. ]

Bando: Shut up! Would it kill you to shut your damn mouth? If you don't quit whining, you'll be the first casualty. ( SUB :  Shut up! Can't you keep your mouth shut for awhile? If you keep whining, I'll take you out first. )

[ Already cowering, Satou backs up and looks behind Bando to something in front of them. ]

Satou: Uh, Bando? ( SUB:  Leader!  )

[ Bando's mood immediately lifts and he laughs viciously. He draws his tongue over his lips in a predatory manner. ]

Bando: Bingo!


[ The view shifts to Nyu, who moves from crouching to sitting up on the sand. She's pleased by whatever she's found, but looks off to the side as something catches her attention. ]

Nyu: Nyu?


[ In town, people are waiting near Gokurakuji Train Station, the safety gates of which are currently down. Three people hold umbrellas to guard from the rain, and some shops in the background are still open for business as Yuka strolls past them. She comes to a stop in front of the police substation, where the detectives from before are meeting with a police officer in the doorway. ]

Yuka: Excuse me, can you help me? I'm looking for a friend of mine who's lost. ( SUB:  Excuse me...There's someone who's lost, and... )

[ The detectives look at Yuka, then at one another. ]


[ Back at the beach, the person who came up to Nyu is revealed to be Kouta. He kneels down next to her and covers her from the rain with his umbrella. ]

Kouta: What are you doing out here? It's pouring rain! Oh man. ( SUB:  What're you doing in a place like this? Geez... )

[ Though Nyu's expression shows she feared his anger, he's more concerned for her being out in the rain and possibly getting sick than angry now. Nyu holds up her hands, clasped together with whatever she found between them. She's trembling, which Kouta takes note of as he places a hand on both of hers. ]

Kouta: You're shivering.

[ Nyu whimpers and leans toward him, her head against her hands. ]

Kouta: We can't fix things here. Let's go. ( SUB: What'll I do with you? Here. )

Nyu: Nyu?

Kouta: Come on, get up. ( SUB:  Now, stand up. Can you get up? )

[ Kouta helps her up to her feet, handing her the umbrella in the process, but no sooner is he up on his own feet that the butt of a gun hits him in the back of the head. Kouta grunts and hits the sand, and Bando crouches up close next to Nyu as she worries over Kouta. ]

Nyu: Nyu! Nyu! Nyu!

Bando: Whoa, horns, just like they said! She's got 'em growing out of her skull. ( SUB: Oh, yeah, they're sticking out. The horns are sticking out from her head. )

[ Kouta looks up at the two, dazed, confused, and angry. Unconcerned with him, Satou backs up from Nyu. Bando doesn't even acknowledge his concerns. ]

Satou: You probably shouldn't get too close.

Bando: I told you already to shut up! ( SUB: Shut up! Keep quiet! )

Kouta: What? Hey! Who are you guys? ( SUB : What're you guys? )

[ Kouta sits up as he demands an answer, only to receive Bando's gun staring him point blank in the face. Bando chuckles menacingly as he returns to his feet. ]

Bando: Let's see. They gave us the green light to kill any witnesses. Right, Satou? ( SUB: Let's see now. It was okay to kill witnesses too, right, Satoh? )

[ As he looks back at Satou, the other soldier's expression makes it clear this is the first time he's ever heard of such a condition to their orders. ]

Satou: Uh, no… those weren't the orders. We'd have to call HQ. ( SUB: No, we don't have any orders like that. We should contact headquarters first. )

Kouta: What, "kill"? What do you mean, "kill"? ( SUB: What do you mean by kill? )

[ Bando stares down the barrel at Kouta as he stands directly over him. ]

Bando: Isn't it obvious, dumbass? The word "kill." Means I pull the trigger, the gun goes off, and your brains splatter all over the sand. The beach gets bloody and you get dead. ( SUB: You don't understand, dumbass? Kill means I pull the trigger like this. And, then, your brains'll splatter all over and you'll die. )

[ Kouta shoves the gun away and grabs Nyu, dashing off to the side with her. ]

Kouta: Nyu, run!

[ While Satou tries to contact HQ, Bando turns toward the fleeing pair and fires at them. Satou looks over in alarm to see Bando's shot a clear line near Kouta and Nyu's feet, and they've stopped dead in their tracks. ]

Bando: I'm on a hunt, and your girlfriend's my prey. ( SUB: She's my prey. )

[ Bando nears the two in a first-person point of view, laughing menacingly the entire time. ]

Bando: Now get out of my way! ( SUB: Stay outta my way! )

[ He knees Kouta, standing in front of Nyu, in the stomach and sends him to the ground. ]

Nyu: Nyu! Nyu!!

[ With Kouta out of the way, the barrel of his gun bears down on a trembling Nyu instead. ]

Bando: Well, well. This has been a little too easy. Let's make it fun. How 'bout it? ( SUB: Well, you're gonna let me have some fun, right? )


[ At the police substation by the train station, Yuka is speaking with the officer from before. The detectives are still present, but the younger one is on the phone and they don't appear to be paying her much mind, if any at all. ]

Police officer: Missing? How old is she? ( SUB : A missing person? Around what age? )

Yuka: Um, well… ( SUB:  Well... )

Detective B: [ on the phone ] Yes. Right. Understood. ( SUB:  Yes. Yes. Understood. )

[ Yuka suddenly recalls Nyu breaking the shell, getting a clue as to where she might be. ]

Yuka: Oh yeah. Never mind, I think I just figured out where she is. Sorry for bothering you! ( SUB: Oh, yeah. Oh, well. I just remembered someplace where she's likely to be. Sorry for bothering you. )

[ Yuka bows in apology and as a goodbye, then turns to continue down the street toward the beach. With her gone, the police officer turns back to the detectives. The younger detective hangs up the phone. ]

Police Officer: Sorry, you were telling me something before I stepped out? ( SUB: Sorry that I had to step out during the conversation. )

Detective A: Oh, that's all right. We're just having a little trouble with a missing person. ( SUB: No, that's all right. Our missing person seems to be pretty troublesome, though. )

[ Detective B leans in to speak with Detective A, keeping his voice low so as not to be overheard by the policeman. ]

Detective B: The Special Assault Teams are searching the coastline without our approval. Those SAT jerks, what in the hell could they be thinking? (  SUB: I was told that SAT's searching the coastlines without asking us. Geez, I don't get what they're thinking.  )

Detective A: I hope they're at least keeping a low profile. ( SUB: I don't want them to act too conspicuously. )

[ The two step out of the substation and open up their umbrellas. ]

Detective A: Well then, we're counting on you. ( SUB: Well, then, I'm counting on you. )

Police officer: Yes, sir!

[ The officer salutes a as the two leave. Once they're gone, he looks back at his desk to where the mugshot of Lucy lies. ]

Police officer: A vicious murderer. And she looks like that? ( SUB : A vicious escapee. A girl like this, huh?  )


[ Having made it to the walkway overlooking the beach, Yuka looks about for any sign of Nyu. She dashes down the colorfully tiled pathway along the railing and stops to get a better look around. Catching sight of Kouta lying on the sand, she runs down the ramp to the beach and goes to his side, tossing away her umbrella in the process. ]

Yuka: Kouta! Kouta! Are you all right? ( SUB: Kohta! Kohta!  Come on, Kohta! )

[ Still only barely conscious, Kouta doesn't say anything at first as he looks up at her. ]

Yuka: Kouta, what happened? I'll go call an ambulance! ( SUB:  What? What happened? Oh, I'll call an ambulance right away! )

Kouta: Nyu! Where's Nyu?

[ Yuka pauses to look around for Nyu, but cannot find her. As Kouta falls unconscious again, Yuka again drops down to his side. ]

Yuka: Kouta! You'll be OK! Kouta! ( SUB: Kouta! Hang in there! Kouta!  )

[ The view cuts to Yuka's umbrella sitting forgotten in the sand. Flashes of red light and sirens are seen and heard as the ambulance comes to take Kouta away. Not far away is a familiar area, where the young girl from before keeps her shelter. ]


Act Three

[ Bando and Satou continue moving, with the former dragging a dazed Nyu by her foot. She's still holding onto Kouta's umbrella, but otherwise stares off into space as she's dragged on her back. ]

Satou: Is this the right girl? She's not acting like any killer I know. Bando! ( SUB: It may be the wrong person. She seems too different from the person in the report. Leader!  )

[ Though he didn't turn around before, Bando turns his head just a little to snap back at Satou's questioning. ]

Bando: Yeah, and how many other girls do you know with horns sticking out of their head? ( SUB:  Have you seen any human with horns sticking out besides her? )

Satou: Sure, but… ( SUB:  But... )

[ While Bando turns toward the front again, Satou picks up his walkie-talkie to get in contact with HQ again. ]

Satou: This is Bando Team, over. We've apprehended a female matching the suspect's description. We're located at Yuigahama. ( SUB: This is Satoh at Bandoh Group. We captured someone who appears to be Lucy. We're at Yuighama... )

[ As Satou calls in, Bando turns back toward him, then raises his rifle. He strikes Satou with the gun, then crushes his walkie-talkie with it. ]

Bando: Don't try to undermine me! I'm just having a little fun here. ( SUB:  Don't do anything without my orders! Now, the fun begins. )

[ Bando crouches down besides Nyu and picks her up by her hair. ]

Bando: I hear you're a big-time badass, right? Show me what you got. Let's rock and roll! ( SUB: You've killed so many up until now, right? Let's have a duel. A duel! )

[ Nyu is still confused and terrified by the situation, not knowing how to react to the gun in her face or the terrifying man in front of her besides crying. Bando throws her forward, sending the umbrella flying elsewhere, and kicks her in the side as she tries to crawl away. ]

Bando: What the hell is wrong with you? So are you a killer or not? Put up a fight! Come on! ( SUB: What the hell's wrong with you? You're a bloodthirsty killer, aren't you? Give me a beating, come on! )

[ Nyu backs up to a boat sitting near a fence and moves one hand behind her back. Bando sees the motion, suspecting her of hiding something. ]

Bando: Hey, wait a second. What're you trying to hide? Show it to me! ( SUB:  Hey, wait a second. What'd you just hide? Show it to me! Hey! )

[ Satou draws near, staying further away from her than Bando. Nyu slowly rises up to her feet, back to the boat. ]

Satou: Hold on! What if it's her secret weapon? ( SUB: Could it be the lethal weapon?  )

Bando: You really are completely stupid! If you have a secret weapon, you'd better use it. Now! ( SUB: Don't be stupid! If you have the so-called weapon, bring it on! Now! )

[ Much to Bando's growing irritation, Nyu turns and crawls into the boat. She then flops over the side of it, making it to the netting behind it, and he brigns his rifle down on her head. She yelps and goes down, taking the netting with her. ]

Bando: Man, what a letdown. ( SUB: I don't care anymore. )

Satou: What? Oh, well… Bando! ( SUB: Well, Leader! )

[ Bando turns away from Nyu and walks back toward Satou, removing his helmet in the process. ]

Bando: Satou, go ahead and shoot her. ( SUB: Satoh, you can go ahead and kill her. )

Satou: What?

Bando: I said kill her. That's the mission, right? ( SUB: I said kill her. It's our job, right? )

Satou: But…sir! ( SUB: But...  )

Bando: [ removing his cowl ] Shoot her already! It's an order. ( SUB: Never mind, just shoot. It's an order. )

Satou: Yes, sir… ( SUB: Roger. )

[ With his helmet and mask off, Bando takes out a cigarette and tries to light it, which is difficult in the rain. Defeated, Satou makes his way to where Nyu lies behind the boat. ]

Satou: I'm sorry Miss, but I'm just carrying out my orders. ( SUB: Sorry. This is my job. )

[ He aims at Nyu, who's still underneath the torn netting, and Bando grumbles as he still can't get his lighter to work in the rain. ]

Bando: Ugh, damn it! ( SUB: Shit! )

[ Satou's finger pulls the trigger, Bando's lighter finally takes flame, and a spray of blood splashes into the fence post behind Nyu. Elsewhere, a little dog looks up from where he and the girl sit, having heard the gunshot from far away.

The scene was a fake out; Satou still stands upright, but there's a giant, gaping hole in his torso and more of the netting drifts to the ground. Seeing this, Bando's mouth falls open in shock. ]

Bando: What? ( SUB:  What the...? )

Satou:! ( SUB: Leader... )

[ Satou turns around, but in doing so, his arm is cut off by something unseen, and his warning is cut off as well. His head falls off his body in a geyser of blood that sprays back toward a wide-eyed Bando. The horned young woman they've been menacing is sitting up, and as Satou's body falls, she slowly brings herself up to her feet. From under her curtain of hair, she glowers at Bando, who's still holding his cigarette. He tosses the cigarette aside and brings up his gun, firing on her rapidly. None of the shots hit, though, and bounce off what seems like an invisible force field. The boat breaks in half in front of her without ever once being touched by her or anything else visible to the naked eye. She slowly steps toward Bando, who opens fire again. ]

Bando: What the hell are you?!

[ No matter how much he fires, his bullets do nothing. They don't hit her, nor do they slow down her steady, menacing pace. ]

Bando: There's no way... ( SUB : Is this for real? )

[ Only the audience can see the four transparent hands that stretch out of the horned woman's back. However, Bando seems to sense something's coming his way, as he ducks off to the side in time to avoid danger and see his helmet ruined. It's crushed by what looks like a hand based on the handprint embedded in it before it was smashed. ]

Bando: [ thinking ] A hand?

[ Bando takes off running through the small makeshift buildings along the beach, horned woman in tow. She tears apart whatever she can reach behind him and flings projectiles at him of whatever she can find, be it cans, driftwood, rocks, or other debris as he takes shelter behind a row of barrels. ]

Bando: You're just throwing blind until you hit me…Throwing? ( SUB: You're just trying to throw stuff at me till you hit! Throwing? )

[ He thinks back to the SAT Chief's briefing. ]

SAT Chief: Listen up! Our target has an unidentified weapon with a two-meter effective lethal range. ( SUB: Our target has a weapon that causes certain death within a two meter radius. )

[ Bando peeks his head up to look at Lucy behind him, only to duck again as she flings more projectiles at him. ]

Bando: So that's it. Two-meter-long invisible hands. Quite a weapon! ( SUB: So that's it. Two-meter invisible hands. Those are your... )

[ Lucy hurls Satou's body across the way, and while Bando is distracted, he looks up just in time to see a boat being dropped down on top of him this time. He rolls away, avoiding the minor explosion the boat's collision with the barrels behind him provide, and pulls up in time to see her picking up an even bigger boat, a mid-sized motorboat, to throw at him. ]

Bando: You know, this is kind of fun! ( SUB: This is fun! )

[ Bando fires an explosive round at the boat, exploding it in mid-air before Lucy can bring it down at him. The noise prompts the dog from before to bark, waking up the sleeping girl with him. ]

Mayu: Nnn...what's that? ( SUB: What is it? )

[ From behind the cover of a wall, Bando chances another glimpse at his attacker. He notes she's standing not too far away from Satou's corpse, which still has a grenade attached to his belt. He chuckles, and the young woman turns her head as if hearing him or sensing something else. He flops back down behind the stone wall, which is revealed to be a ramp, and bides his time, a wide smile on his face. ]

Bando: Wow. This is just too cool, huh? ( SUB: Geez. This is too cool, huh? )

[ Lucy draws nearer and nearer to Satou's corpse. When her foot lands on the blood-soaked sand, Bando springs up, ready to fire. ]

Bando: Okay, you freak of nature! Time to die! ( SUB: Die! You occult bitch! )

[ The smile quickly fades from his face as he sees Lucy now has Satou's machine gun, and she's pointing it right at him. ]

Bando: Hey…that's not fair. You're cheating! ( SUB: That's not fair, is it? )

[ Lucy, looking completely unimpressed, opens fire on him. Presumably struck in the chest, Bando hits the ground. In the distance, the girl listens for the source of the gunfire.

On the beach, Bando no longer has the upper hand. He lies sprawled out with Lucy standing over him, and she watches him with the cold eyes of a predator deciding how swiftly to kill one's prey. ]

Lucy: Do you enjoy this? ( SUB: Are you enjoying this? )

Bando: Bitch! ( SUB: You damn bitch! )

[ Defiant, Bando raises his arm as if to try and fire at her with his gun. It does precious little good, as his arm is severed at the forearm the very next second. He screams in agony, but her face remains impassive and lacking in mercy. ]

Bando: You bitch! You bitch! How dare you…cut my arm off? ( SUB: You bitch! How dare you...How dare you cut my arm off? )

[ He reaches up as if to strike her or grab at her with his left arm, but that arm is also mangled. The forearm bends at an unnatural angle, broken instantly, and he howls again in pain. ]

Bando: Just wait! Wait and see! See what happens! I won't forget you! I'll come find you! ( SUB: Just wait and see. I'll never forget your face! )

[ Bando's choice of wording earns him two "fingers" from Lucy's "arms" into his eyes, destroying the soft tissue. Now blinded and in absolute pain, he thrashes about wildly. ]

Bando: I'll kill you! I'll kill you! Damn you! ( SUB: I'll kill you! I'll kill you, damn it! I'll kill you! )

Lucy: Fun's over. ( SUB: This isn't fun anymore. )

[ Two of Lucy's vectors rise up from behind her and circle Bando's throat to strangle him. As she squeezes his throat, he flails even harder than before. His broken arm smacks into her right hand, which she realizes is still holding something. She brings her hand up to her face to look at it, and her eyes widen as she takes a good look at the object. Her hands go to her head as pain lances through her skull, and her hold on Bando goes slack as she shouts out in agony. She clumsily ambles away from him and sinks to her knees. When she looks up again, her eyes are notably wider, more innocent. ]

Nyu: Nyu?

Bando: Why don't you finish me if you're so tough? Why don't you come back and finish what you started? Come on! ( SUB: Where'd the hell you go?! I'll kill you! Hey, where the hell'd you go?! Come back! )

[ Nyu's look of confusion gives way to terror as she catches sight of the bloody and mangled Bando. Not far away, Mayu and her dog peek out of her shelter to find where all the noise is coming from, and Nyu runs past them in a blind panic. The girl and dog duo follow the path she ran from and find Kouta's umbrella. They then come upon Bando, still thrashing about. ]

Bando: Hey! Where the hell are you? Where the hell did ya go? ( SUB: Hey, where the hell are you? Where'd the hell you go? )

Mayu: Excuse me. What happened to you? ( SUB: Excuse me. What happened? )

Bando: I'll fucking kill you! I swear I'll kill you! I'll kill you! I'll kill you! ( SUB: I'll fuckin' kill you! I'll kill you! I'll kill you! Come back! )

Mayu: Sir? ( SUB: Excuse me. )

[ As Bando isn't listening and still throws his limbs this way and that, no doubt helping his blood loss, Mayu prepares herself and shouts to get his attention. ]

Mayu: Stop moving around! ( SUB: Don't move! )

Bando: Who are you?

[ Her shouting works to calm him down, even if just a little, and Mayu approaches. She ties off his severed arm with a tourniquet of rope to help stop the bleeding. ]

Mayu: Alright, I'm gonna go get an ambulance. Please don't move if you don't have to. ( SUB: I'll go get an ambulance now, so please don't move so recklessly! )

[ As Mayu and her dog run off to call the ambulance, Bando sinks where he lies in defeat. A helicopter is heard off in the distance, perhaps a recovery unit from the SAT. ]

Bando: Shit.


Act Four

[ The rain still pours as the scene cuts to a hospital. It's an older building judging by the state of the room's walls and overall lack of medical equipment. Yuka sits beside Kouta, worriedly watching over him as he lies attached to an IV and with his head bandaged. As Kouta begins to stir, Yuka leans toward him. ]

Yuka: Kouta! Kouta! ( SUB: Kohta! Kohta! )

Kouta: [ dazed ] Yuka. What is this? Where am I? ( SUB: Oh? Yuka. Where am I?  )

Yuka: What's going on? What happened? Are you okay?

[ As Yuka stands up from her seat, there's a knock at the door. The detectives Kouta met earlier enter the room. Kouta bolts upright as they enter. ]

Detective A: Please, excuse us. Well, well! Looks like we meet again. ( SUB: Please, excuse us. So we meet again. )

Detective B: We'll need a moment alone. ( SUB: Give us a moment alone. )

[ Yuka sits outside the room, worry apparent on her face, and further outside, the rain continues to pour. Inside the room, the older detective sits by the bed while his colleague remains standing on the other side of the bed. ]

Detective A: A soldier with a machine gun, you say? Seems more likely you had a run-in with some bikers carrying Saturday Night Specials, don't you think? ( SUB: A soldier with a machine gun, huh? In short, you're saying that you were attacked by some guys like motorcycle gangsters with model guns. )

Kouta: No, I don't! They were soldiers! ( SUB: No, I'm not. It was definitely... )

[ Kouta is adamant about what he says is true, but the detective doesn't seem convinced and crosses his arms. ]

Detective A: The girl who was with you earlier said she didn't see any soldiers. If only we had another witness… ( SUB: The girl who was here earlier said she didn't see anyone like that. If only there were another witness. )

Kouta: Witness? Nyu! There was a girl...there was a girl with me at the beach! Is she safe? ( SUB :  Witness...Nyu... There was a girl at the beach. Is she safe? )

Detective A: Hmm?

[ That catches the detectives' attention. The younger one leans toward Kouta on the bed. ]

Detective B: This girl witness, who was she? ( SUB: Who was she? )

Kouta: Yeah…I don't know. I just happened to see her. ( SUB: I don't know. I just happened to see her. )

Detective B: Anything strange about her? ( SUB :  What were some of her distinguishing characteristics?  )

[ Kouta tries to stay dodgy with his answers as he realizes he can't give away anything about Nyu to them. The younger detective doesn't take it lightly and presses him for more details. ]

Kouta: I can't think of anything strange. ( SUB :  Characteristics. I can't think of anything in particular. )

Detective B: Hairstyle, clothing, strange behavior! Did you see or notice anything unusual on her head? ( SUB: Things like hairstyle, age, or something like that! Especially if you saw something on her head! )

[ At the mention of her having something unusual on her head, Kouta appears surprised, but the older detective intervenes before he can let anything slip. ]

Detective A: It's alright! Just think and tell us whatever it is you do remember. ( SUB :  Could you just tell us whatever you remember? )

[ With the extra moment to think on his story, Kouta starts again without the younger detective's badgering. ]

Kouta: I know I said girl, but…she must've been college age. And…she had short hair. She was a little overweight… ( SUB: I said it was a girl but she was about the age of a college student. She had short hair and was a little overweight. )

Detective A: Great! That's plenty. Sorry to have bothered you when you were injured. ( SUB: Okay, that's enough. Sorry to bother you when you're injured. )

[ The detectives begin to walk toward the door, ready to leave. The younger one opens the door, but the elder stays behind to speak with Kouta a little more first. ]

Detective A: I woulda left you alone, but the doctor said you were healthy. I'd still take it easy for a day or two. ( SUB: I was told by the doctor earlier that your injury isn't that bad. Go home carefully. )

Kouta: Hold on! I swear one guy had a machine gun! ( SUB: But it really was someone with a machine gun!  )

Detective A: Yeah, well, there are a bunch of biker gangs around here. We'll make sure that your incident gets reported. ( SUB: There are many motorcycle gangsters around here. We'll duly take care of your crime report. )

[ For a moment, the detective's demeanor shifts to something more sinister. Cautious, but not completely well-intentioned. ]

Detective A: It'd be smart to forget all about it. ( SUB: You should forget about it, for your own good. )

[ Kouta balks at that, saying no more as the man leaves the room. ]


[ At the beach, Mayu and Wanta find Bando's disappeared, leaving only a large bloodstain behind. ]


[ A taxi cab waits at a red light, and the interior shows the back of the driver's head and his eyes reflected in the rearview mirror. Yuka and Kouta sit together in the backseat, but neither of them says anything. ]

Kouta: God, l really hope she hasn't been killed. ( SUB: I hope she hasn't been killed. )

Yuka: What? ( SUB :  What? What did you say? )

[ Yuka's startled by the sudden admission, but Kouta doesn't follow up on it. Instead, he looks out the window to his left. ]

Kouta: Nothing.

[ The taxi drops Kouta off at the base of the stone stairwell that leads up to the Maple House. He and Yuka say their goodnights as he holds the Maple House umbrella in-hand. ]

Yuka: Well, I'll stop by again tomorrow. Are you sure you're OK? ( SUB: Then, I'll stop by again tomorrow. Are you sure you're okay?  )

Kouta: I'm fine, I'm fine! I'll…see you later. ( SUB: I'm fine, I'm fine. See you then. )

[ Yuka rolls the window up and the taxi pulls backward away from the drive. Yuka's face is still etched with worry as they pull away.

Kouta ascends the stairs and finally reaches the front gate of the house. Cherry blossom petals loosened by the rain collect in the corners by the gate, and as he comes up to the front, he finds Nyu sitting hunched up in the corner. She looks up at him, worried he'll still be angry at her, and lifts her hand to show off the seashell she's kept hold of during the entire skirmish with Bando. Kouta's eyes widen as he sees the shell, realizing what she was doing out there in the rain. Nyu shrinks back, thinking him upset, but Kouta drops the umbrella and crouches down to hug her. ]

Kouta: I'm sorry.

Nyu: Nyu?

[ He takes the shell from her, prompting a smile from her. ]

Kouta: Thank you.

Nyu: Nyu!

[ Behind the two, a cherry blossom petal falls and lands on the discarded umbrella. ]


[ In the taxi, Yuka leans against the window with her head on her hand. She's lost in thought, remembering the days long past at Gokurakuji Train Station when she was seeing off Kouta and Kanae as their time together ended. The flashback is shown as a collection of still images. ]

Child Yuka: Kouta! Come back next year, OK? Don't forget about me! ( SUB: Kohta! Please come again next year! Don't forget about me!  )

Child Kouta: Yeah! Of course I'll come back next year. After all, I like you! ( SUB: Yeah! I'll come next year again, Yuka, since I like you. )

[ In the present, Yuka sighs sadly and closes her eyes. ]

Yuka: That was eight years ago, wasn't it? ( SUB: It's been eight years since then, hasn't it? )

Taxi Driver: Sorry? ( SUB: Yes? )

Yuka: [ smiling sheepishly ] Oh! No…nothing. ( SUB:  No, nothing. )

[ There's a jingling sound, and Yuka realizes she still has a key she should give to Kouta. ]

Yuka: Ah! The key! Oh, please go back! ( SUB: The key. Sir! )

[ Nyu sneezes, and her cheeks are tinged red perhaps from the beginnings of a cold. Not at all surprising since she's been out in the rain, her clothes are soaked through and her shirt clings to her awkwardly. Kouta rifles through his backpack, perhaps looking for clothes for her. ]

Kouta: OK, who are you, anyway? Those two guys, those two soldiers, the police… you've got everybody acting strange. ( SUB: Hey, who are you? Those guys... Those soldiers and the police are definitely acting strange. )

Nyu: Nyu?

[ He smiles awkwardly, realizing asking her such things won't yield an answer. ]

Kouta: Not like you know what I'm asking. But anyway, I've made up my mind and I'm not going to let them take you, no matter what happens. ( SUB: Even if I say something, I guess you won't understand it. But, I've decided that I'll never let them take you. )

[ He holds up a yellow shirt for her. ]

Kouta: Alright? Change into this. ( SUB: All right then, change into this. )

Nyu: Nyu?

[ Nyu looks puzzled by the garment, and Kouta looks away, as if wondering why he expected any other kind of reaction. ]

Kouta: Hmm…okaaay, that's alright. I guess I'm going to have to change your clothes myself. ( SUB: Oh well. I guess I've got no choice but to change your clothes myself. )

[ Looking back at Nyu, he realizes just how awkward that's going to be for him. Her shirt is see-through up close, with her nipples only barely hidden by the material. His face goes red as he notices, and the next shot has the soaked tanktop on the table. Nyu sits placidly on the floor without her shirt, and Kouta keeps his eyes shut tight as he feels around for the replacement shirt he got out for her. ]

Kouta: Um… shirt, shirt, shirt… Here we go! ( SUB: Um....shirt, shirt, shirt...There it is. )

[ Taking hold of the shirt, he raises his arms up. ]

Kouta: OK, Nyu. Arms in the air! Like this. ( SUB: Okay, raise your arms like this. )

Nyu: Nyu!

[ Nyu raises her arms without questions, making it much easier for Kouta to get the shirt around her arms. ]

Kouta: Don't worry, I'm keeping my eyes closed. Let me see… ( SUB : Don't worry. I'm keeping my eyes closed, so...Let me see...  )

[ At first, he's successful in getting the shirt down over her head without much issue. However, in trying to pull it over her chest, he must have bumped her breasts somehow, as she reacts. ]

Nyu: Nyu!

Kouta: Sorry! Sorry! ( SUB :  Sorry!  )

[ As Kouta bounds away from her, Nyu looks down at her breasts and pokes them, a cheeky little smile on her face. Kouta's eyes are closed extra tight when he's next seen, and for good reason. ]

Kouta: Underwear's next. This is the big one… ( SUB: Next is underwear. This is the big one. )

[ He's moved Nyu onto her back on the floor and has her legs raised. Her shirt is still barely covering her chest, but he has to change her out of those soaked underpants. Nyu hasn't any idea what the scene they're in looks like, which is surely a relief for her helper. Now if he can only get her pants changed, he can relax. ]

Kouta: Um, so, listen! Tr-try not to move, okay? ( SUB: Listen, don't move, okay? )

[ Kouta swallows the lump in his throat to steel his nerves. ]

Kouta: There!

[ He gets her boxers up to her ankles in one swift movement, but as luck would have it, Yuka opens the sliding door right as he does so, giving her a point blank view of what anyone else would consider an incredibly compromising scene. ]



[ On the island that houses the Research Institute, we see an overhead view of the complex Lucy escaped from just an episode prior. Within its halls walk Kurama and Shirakawa, conversing as they go. ]

Kurama: We failed. ( SUB: So it was a failure. )

Shirakawa: Yes. From the SAT debriefing, the team had some difficulties. And we can confirm that Lucy made it ashore, but we haven't tracked her down. ( SUB: Yes. From the damage done to the SAT members, we could confirm that Lucy came ashore, but we still haven't tracked her down. )

Kurama: As gifted as she is at killing, I imagine she'll find it difficult to keep a low profile for long. ( SUB: I can't imagine that bloodthirsty killer will continue to hide quietly. )

Shirakawa: Regardless, I hope we won't have to use Number Seven. ( SUB: That maybe so, but I don't think you need to even use # 7. )

[ Though she appears every bit as professional as Kurama, Shirakawa shows a smidgeon of emotion regarding "#7." The pair stands outside a room with doors marked by large red 7s. ]

Kurama: What's her condition?

[ The assistant's dialogue is missing from the English dub. ]

Assistant: ( SUB: Since we've been performing pretty severe experiments continuously, I don't know if we can use her or not. )

[ #7, as mentioned by Shirakawa, is revealed to be a young girl. A preteen from the look of her, and covered in blood. Horns poke out from under her short pink hair, confirming Lucy is not the only horned person in existence. The girl slowly lifts her head, and her face is strewn with both tears and blood. ]

Nana: Papa…


Next Episode Preview

[ A blood-soaked and chained Nana smiles up at Kurama, who gazes back down at her impassively. ]

Narrator: It's too cruel to describe it with the word love. ( SUB: It was already too cruel to describe it with the word love. )

[ A young Yuka and Kouta are at a festival, and the carving game Yuka's playing breaks apart to Kouta's mirth. In the present, Yuka is hunched over a green-tiled sink as water spills out of a basin. ]

Narrator: What she felt was a sad imitation.

[ Nyu snuggles up to Kouta; Wanta lies sleeping outside of Maple House, leashed up to a pole; Shirakawa looks to Isobe; Nana's eye opens wide; Mayu first enters Maple House; Bando, eyes bandaged now, thrashes about angrily on a hospital bed; Nyu, face darkened, is revealed to be an awakened Lucy, whose vectors fly toward Kouta; Kurama stands before several X-Ray photos of Diclonius skulls. ]

Narrator: Created in a world ruled by eternal pain and despair, that synthetic emotion could only serve a single goal. ( SUB: It was a sad imitation, created in a world where only eternal pain and despair rule, only to achieve a single goal. )

[ Nyu smiles, and the view cuts away to a grinning Diclonius skull in another X-Ray photo. ]

Narrator: On the next Elfen Lied, Episode Three: Deep Feelings. ( SUB: Next Elfen Lied, Episode Three. "Deep Feelings." )

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