I'd say most are failures without even a human countenance left...

The arrogant Doctor Nousou, who was lucky enough to be already dead just before these 'failures' pushed back

The beings known as Clone Diclonii were born and bred at the Diclonius Research Institute.

In the manga

Doctor Nousou created four viable and fully usable clones of the late Mariko Kurama: Alicia, Barbara, Cynthia, and Diana. There were also over 1100 failed clones who possessed severe disfigurements and spent their lives in an underground dungeon before being harvested for organs, particularly their spinal columns, used to create vector-based weapons. Bred by Nousou at Chief Kakuzawa's orders, their heads were covered by cloth sacks with holes cut in various locations to grant them limited sight, with some having multiple eyes. Sensing Lucy and also of Arakawa's anti-Diclonius birth vaccine on the island, the deformed and abused clones finally rose up, killed almost all the remaining researchers and nearly destroyed the vaccine, turned back only briefly by the efforts and seeming self-sacrifice of the Agent.

Their vectors had wildly varying ranges and power. At one point they battled and killed their own 'sister,' the viable clone Diana, whose mind control device caused her to fight them, holding them back for a short time. The damage caused by their rampage and Lucy's battle with Chief Kakuzawa, as well as bombardment by allied forces, caused most of the island to sink, which finally put them out of their misery. They were a large threat due to their increased range and sheer numbers. The Kakuzawas never seemed to understand the irony of the harm they brought these girls, so much like the treatment of their ancestors by non-horned Humans.


Vector Range: Varies

Strength: Varies

Speed: Varies

Vector Special Ability: Unknown

Kills: Nearly all of the staff of the Diclonius Research Institute.


  • The depiction of their uprising resembles a zombie attack as seen in other media such as George Romero's 'Dead' movies and video games like Resident Evil.
  • Being clones of Mariko, the Clone Diclonii were also the genetic children of Doctor Kurama and his late wife, Hiromi.

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